[29] Resume

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B O Y ' S

"You're a good kisser, Grey," he says.

Archer says.

I pull back a couple inches away so that I'm not tempted to kiss him again.

"You too," I reply, a couple tears began to trickle down.

I wasn't anticipating to cry at the start of the new year but I couldn't manage to control myself.

"You have no idea how long I have been waiting for those kisses. Two months without kisses were brutal," he tells me, hands still rested on my waist.

I begin to sniffle a bit as the tears continue to drop down.

"Grey, why are you crying?" he asks in just barely a whisper.

He moves his right hand from my waist and brushes a couple tears away.

"You look a lot prettier with a smile on your face," he says, wrapping his arms around me tightly.

I wrap my arms around him tightly in response, appreciating the intimate moment.

"I try so fucking hard to be mad at you, but then you pull stuff like this and make me so vulnerable," I say against his chest.

"I'm sorry?" he says questionably, but then he corrects himself, "no, I am sorry. I want you to give me a chance to explain everything, I want you to be able to trust me again."

I snort, the falling of tears reaches a stop.

"Whoever said I trusted you in the first place?"

He loosens my arms around him so I can see the small smile on his face.

"That's the Grey I know and l-," he begins, just not to finish.

I wait for him to continue the statement, but he doesn't. He instead presses his lips back together.

There's silence between us for a fair amount of time, both of us caught up in the moment and having to consider what was at stake.

"So about the explanation, how about I talk to you over coffee tomorrow?"

"Is the Archer West asking me out?" I ask, glad that Archer took the initiative to continue our conversation.

"Yes, yes he is," he replies with a cheeky grin, "Queen's coffee house at ten in the morning."

"Queen's coffee house tomorrow at ten in the morning," I repeat.

He presses his lips against my forehead and kisses it before saying, "I've got some explaining to do. I've also got something to tell you."

"You could tell me the something right now and explain tomorrow," I reply with a hopeful smile.

He moves his lips back over to where mine are, they're just a centimeter away from touching.

"Or I could tell you everything tomorrow and we could just kiss right now?" he suggests.

I give a small chuckle and move my lips away. I also move his hands away from me and mine away from him.

"Not going to happen, that's enough kisses tonight," I reply, to his dismay and maybe mine too.

He groans and runs a hand through his hair.

"Grey, come on... I know you love your lips against mine. One more?" he insists, placing his arms around me once again.

I lean in a bit towards his lips, his lips ready to kiss me. He's about to close the gap, but then I pull away at the last moment.

"Zero more, oh and by the way, it's you who loves your lips against mine."

I get out of his hold and make my way back to the balcony door.

"You're right, I do love my lips against yours. I'll see you tomorrow, Grey," he says before I can twist the door handle.

I walk back inside, leaving him outside in the cold.

"See you tomorrow, West."

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