Taste of her own candy🍭

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You could hear the doctor say "RECHARGE 300"
All of them were shocked they were about to lose her they couldn't lose her by now there was news reporters trying to record what was going on but stopped by police officers


The boys at this point don't know what to think there's 50/50 chances of her surviving they just couldn't help but think about their lives without her, they would be so empty. The same old routine of just recording new songs, posting it, concerts and then resting time....they can't lose her

Namjoon: I'm gonna kill her

Yoongi: kill who namjoon?


Hoseok: calm down Namjoon-

Namjoon: JUST- wait for me I'll be here soon let me know what happens

And with that he walks out of the hospital people following him but he didn't really care he went into his car, and drove to the restaurant they went to, as soon as he got inside he demanded for Sarah's address "sorry sir we can't give out personal information here" he sigh "I'm Kim Namjoon from the group bts I'm pretty famous and I want to make a music video with Sarah, it would be helpful if you if you could give me her address"

She thought about it

Receptionist:"can I be in it too?"

Namjoon: "Of course you can"

Receptionist: just don't tell my boss "gives Sarah's address"

Namjoon: thank you so much I'll come back for the video later

He got her address, him now on his way to Sarah's house which is very close from here, even better.. before he went he bought some food and added some sleeping pills into it, after it he would turn her in to the cops after all it is illegal to put tape worms on other peoples food

(15 minutes later)

Im here, let the fun begin....

Guysssss author here, this was kinda rushed please forgive me I'll try to make the next episode interesting

I purple you 💜

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