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Siah Amari Miller🌉Harlem, New York

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Siah Amari Miller🌉
Harlem, New York.

I walked through the hallways looking for Dimoni since she wasn't in class. sucking my teeth I went into the staircase seeing her on the second to last step on her phone

the fuck is her problem?

"Moni!" I called her name out making her jump

she ignored me still on her phone

"I'm going home early," she replied locking her phone

"for what," I bit my cheek looking down at her

"cause' I have something to do Siah," she sighed starting to walk down the stairs

"not gon lie I don't believe you," I laughed taking her coat away

"if you want the coat just keep it I'm not arguing with you"

she continued walking down as I followed her, all my shit was still in the classroom but if I had to go outside then I'll get that shit later

"Dimoni bro does it look like I'm playing wit you?" I grabbed her up so she could stop

looking into her eyes I saw tears making me sigh instantly

lately, she been shutting me out and I'm not feeling that

"speak up," I mumbled leaning on the staircase wall

"I just don't feel good Siah I'll see you later or something"

"I'm going with you"

she rolled her eyes making her way down going out the back door of the building

after a minute I stopped following and let her be

honestly, ion got time for this shit right now

Cry baby😤

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