27. Reasons

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Author 's POV

The newly wedded couple were moved out to the penthouse .

On one hand , Sam was very happy about moving out because now his parents can't force him to spend time with her.

From the day , he was married he was not allowed to enter in his study after 8 :00 pm , because they want him to give his time to his wife , but he thinks as a waste of time . So he has to continue his work in his room while his wife sleeps peacefully .

He thinks all this a waste of time , he doesn't believe in  relationships let alone love .

He was a cold and arrogant buisness man. He is a Workoholic , that you all have already figured out .
He day starts from work and ends at work .He doesn't have time to waste for relationships.

Due to his this behaviour , his parents got worried that he'll never get married and settle down. He was never seen with any girl from the day he joined office .It has been 7 years he has joined office .

It's very weird for one of the hat and sexiest buisness man to not have any affairs. But for him , all that matters is only his work , his company .

Due to his lack of interest in relationships , his dad was left with no other option than to force him to marry .

So he changed his will , according to which he can't get his  full rights in the company not can he get his CEO position permanently till he gets married and settle down .

He was not ready to loose his position as he has worked day and night for his position , he has skip his meals and sleeps for this , which his dad can easily snatch from him .

So he decided to get a girl and settle down , but this wasn't easy for him as he was not even a bit interested in relationships , he doesn't want to waste his time at    blind dates with any stupid girl or finding a girl for himself .

So what he did was unimaginable , he find the only girl who was able to catch his attention in his whole life , his crush at the age of 15 , Rose Williams .It was very difficult to find her after almost 12 years but it was not impossible for  Sam .
He can turn impossible to posible if he wants to . And he does that.

But then his father add an another obstacle in his path to become CEO .

His only condition was that he has to marry his best friend's only daughter Amelia Davis .

He was out of options so he agreed to his father.
But he was very  curious to meet Amelia because just a three days ago his dad has no problem with Sam marring a girl of his own choice .but what changed in just two days when he moved to New York .


The reason behind Logan to force Sam to marring Amy was not only his friendship with Joseph . The main reason was Amelia's character and his behaviour with everyone . He saw her positive attitude towards Life and the light in her. He believed that she is the only girl who can change his son from a machine to  a man .

Amelia is smart , beautiful , funny , carring , loving , innocent , a little bit sassy  and full of light . Grace also has always  loved her .

On the other hand Joseph agreed for this marriage only because of his daughter's happiness . He loved her princess more than anyone in the world , and he believes that she'll be happy with Sam and since he know Logan and Grace so he was satisfied that her princess would be loved there.They'll take care of her as he has all these years. He wasn't able to convince himself to trust on any other man with her daughter .


On the other hand ,Amelia was feeling lonely as she has always been in a house filled with her loved once.

But now , she was lonely with Sam who was as good as being alone according to her.

She can't help  herself and wonder why everyone is hell bent to send her away .

Is she that irritating and bad ??! That no one wants to be with her ?!

But then she shook her head to clear her thoughts and concentrate on the problem ahead .

She has swored to make Sam's life a living hell , same as he has done to her.

Her plan was doing fine , she was able to get all the attention and let Sam behind alone.
But her whole plan got failed when she has to move out .

Now , she was thinking plans to make Sam's life miserable .

From the moment she has entered in this new home of hers , she was only thinking about that.

Home was clean as her , as Grace has already arranged a house maid for them who'll come and arrange everything for them .

Amy has already unpacked her bag and she was still thinking for a plan .


On dinner

Greta the house maid arrange the dinner for them , after informing Amelia she leaves .

As much as Amelia don't want to call Sam , but she can't do this .
She is not heartless , she can't starve him .

Amelia knocks on the door , without waiting for any response she open it , and Sam looks up from the screen to her.
And she havnt eaten alone , and she won't be .

" Dinner is ready ,come ! " She says and moves to dinning table .

Sam follows her silently .

The have their dinner in silence till Sam speaks and broke that silence which was eating Amelia from inside.

" Be ready tomorrow in the evening ! "

She looks up at him raising her eyebrow

" For what ?! "

" Mom told me take you for shopping !"

" I can go on my own , thanks !! " She answers .

" I would love that ! But we can't do that ! So be ready !!"

With that he leaves ,to resume his work ,he don't want to give any chance to his parents to think that both of them are not together .

Or else he cant think , what else his parents will plan next .


So guys this chapter was to explain all the reasons after this marriage .

I know it was a little boring but you've to know the reasons .

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