Chapter Twenty-Nine

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It was nearing midday and Brett still hadn't risen from bed even though he was wide awake and had been staring at the ceiling for a couple of hours. He laid in his bed completely motionless as he waited for the phone call to connect to his phone. He'd checked his device the moment he woke but there was no new notification on his phone from Leigh. He had placed it back down and closed his eyes once again hoping to sleep a little more before her call came. The stream of thoughts circling in his mind prevented him from sleeping any more but he also didn't want to move from the comfort of his bed. Getting up and starting the day would mean that he would be continuing as normal and he definitely didn't feel like things were normal, at least not in his heart.

Brett knew the animals needed feeding and the stables needed cleaning- those were usually on the top of his list when he woke in the mornings but he couldn't bring himself to do either of those things without knowing if Leigh was okay. He'd called her phone once again and the dial tone seemed to drag on indefinitely. It gave him a little hope knowing that the call was connecting but it also pained him to know she must have been ignoring his calls. He saw a little comfort knowing that fact but at the same time couldn't help thinking the worst. He sprung up into a sitting position when he heard heavy footsteps on the stairs below and looked in that direction with hopeful eyes. Jamie came into view after a couple of seconds with an expression plastered across his face that Brett couldn't quite make out.

"You need to see this," he said and fumbled with a pair of shorts that were hung over the chair. He threw them in his brothers direction and told him to follow.

"What's goin' on? Is Leigh here?" He asked and did as his brother said. Brett threw a shirt over his shoulders, slipped into a pair of trainers and grabbed his phone and keys before heading down the stairs with his brother. "Jamie, what's goin' on?" He repeated as they stepped out into the cold air.

"She's on the TV," Jamie stated.


When they reached the farm house the entire family was seated around the table and Brett could feel each set of eyes on him. He muttered a good morning to his family and continued to follow Jamie to the living room. Jamie stood by the couch with a remote in hand ready to click play on the television. Brett dragged his gaze from his brother to the screen and the familiar words etched across the screen seemingly made his heart skip a beat.

Life With The Danvers.

The name of the show lit up on the screen in cursive as Jamie hit play and a narrators voice began to speak.

"This week on Life With The Danvers..."

Leigh's mother appeared in the centre of the screen and standing behind her was the man he recognised from the wedding. Suddenly the screen darkened and the sound of a roaring crowd erupted and flashes of fans waving and screaming echoed. The screen darkened once again and a woman wearing a pair of aviators and the black cowboy hat Brett recognised all too well flashed onto the screen for only a couple of seconds and then the show title appeared again. He knew it was her, it couldn't be anyone else and he was heartbroken to see that he had, in fact, been right all along. He snatched the remote from his brother and hit the rewind button. When he saw Leigh he hit pause again. Her eyes were covered by her sunglasses but he could tell that she was sad from the way her head hung low and the smile on her lips seemed forced. But that didn't stop his heart from breaking into a million pieces.

He stared at the still picture of her on the screen. Why had she gone back after insisting Oak View was now her home? It seemed to go against everything she stood for and that was why he couldn't understand her reasoning for going back to LA and to make matters worse, she was on the TV show she detested! It consolidated him just a little knowing that she didn't seem happy but he still needed to know why. He needed to know why she didn't return his calls, why she left to suddenly and why she didn't tell him she was leaving.

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