Chapter Thirty-Two

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He couldn't believe he had agreed to meet Robert and in a place that he didn't know at all, at that. He wasn't sure if he should have believed what he said on the phone but for some reason he did. They had arranged to meet at a coffee shop not too far from the hotel which he was staying at and as time moved on Brett was hit with the sudden realisation that he may have been stood up. It had been almost half an hour and there had still been no sign of Robert which only made Brett feel more and more angry. He had put his trust into the man he barely knew- at his request- and he had been treated with such little respect. As far as he could tell Robert had a busy life but it angered him to think that he didn't think the same about Brett and that he could sit there all day waiting for him to show. But that wasn't the case- Brett knew where Leigh was and he began to wonder if the man he was supposed to be meeting knew that and was only stalling him.

As he stood from his chair, paid the bill for his coffee and collected his coat he felt a hand connect with his shoulder.

"Sorry I'm late."

"You're not sorry. You're just wastin' my time," Brett said allowing anger and frustration get the best of him.

"Sit back down and I'll explain." He was hesitant but took a seat anyway. "I was at the Danvers house and I was trying to talk to Leigh. I..." He gulped and shook his head. "I wanted to apologise to her for...what I did."

"What did you do?"

"She wouldn't want me tellin' you," Robert told him.

"She's not here so you better fuckin' tell me or I swear to God-"

"I respect you, I really do and you're a better man than I have ever been but I'm trying to change. This just isn't something I can tell you. I already caused enough damage to Leigh's life and I'm not going to do the same to yours."

"If you're not gonna tell me then why are we havin' this conversation?" He asked.

"Because I fucked up and Leigh is paying the price for that now. Leanne keeps her locked in her room any time they're not filming and she isn't allowed her phone or laptop. She's a prisoner there."

"Then get her out," he demanded.

"I can't. Leanne fired me otherwise I would have got her out of there myself. She is putting out a restraining order against me- said that I was harassing them. I can't even get within a hundred yards."

"So what do you want me to do? They know who I am. I can't just walk up to the house and demand they let her go. Anyway, how do I know you're tellin' me the truth? You said I had to trust you but you've given me no reason to."

Robert sighed. "The reason I was late to meet you is because I went to see Leanne. I wanted to try and get this fixed and surprise you here with Leigh. And even though it's hard to admit, she loves you in a way she never loved me. She's an amazing woman and deserves to be with someone who knows how to treat her right. But right now she's locked in a room like a criminal because of something I did. Leanne asked me to find something she could use to blackmail Leigh into coming back to LA and she said that if I didn't then I'd lose my place on the show and she'd ruin me. She has shit on everyone she works with, who she employs and even her family- she's honestly the most ruthless person I've ever met and I guess I was scared for my career. But I've lost that anyway so I've got nothing else to lose."

"So you threw Leigh under the bus to save your fuckin' career?"

Robert shrugged his shoulder and then nodded. "I need to make this right."

Brett rubbed his forehead- something he did when he was overwhelmed or frustrated but in this case it was both. "Why now?"

"Because even though it's taken me years to realise, she was the best thing that ever happened to me. And I'm also moving away for good. My cousins live in Australia so I'm gonna stay with them for a while but I'm never coming back to the states. I still love her man, I always have so I need your help to do this."

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