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4 years later.
Ice's POV:
I have been struggling to get out of bed lately; I think it's the fact that Sofia's 4 year anniversary is approaching quite quickly and most of us still haven't finished grieving. Especially Ace.

Ace went on a rampage for about two years after she died, just killing anything or anyone that pissed him off except for Jaxon obviously. He had went from barely getting out of bed to killing everyone including the police force and innocent people who he thought was guilty.

But then, almost two years ago around this time, he just suddenly stopped. Personally I don't think he has the energy anymore to kill people, not to mention Jaxon who can now have a full conversation. A short one, but a conversation nonetheless. Little does Jaxon know today's his mother's 4 year death anniversary.

I still feel like Dante and I are walking on eggshells around Ace. We're always careful not to mention her name, just incase he snaps.

I walked into the sitting room where I saw the photo flipped over, facing the coffee stand. I sighed as I looked at it; it was a photo of him and her. He doesn't have the strength to throw the photo's around the house away so instead, he just flips it over; I assume it's so that when he's doing things in the house, he's not reminded of her.

I know the guilt is tearing him up inside because he's always saying it should've been him but I know Sofia would rather herself die than Ace. She's always been too selfless.

Jaxon suddenly burst through the doors. "Alex, Alex, look what I found" he shouted happily as his little legs ran as fast as they could over to me. He handed me a photo. "Where did you get this bud?" I asked curiously, holding the photo of Sofia and I. "It was on the floor" he mumbled as he pointed at the wooden floor. "It probably fell off of the wall" I muttered to myself.

"Alex, can I have a cookie" Jaxon cheered while jumping before falling to the ground. He began to cry as he looked at his cut elbow. "It's okay, lets go get your dada" I grumbled as I lifted Jaxon into my arms. "But dada's working and he says we're not allowed in" Jaxon pouted. "I think we can go in, just this once" I said, placing my finger over my lips to imply it was a secret.

"Ok" Jaxon whimpered.


Ice was downstairs taking care of Jaxon so I had a few minutes at most to spend alone with my thoughts. I travelled from my office to my bedroom; our bedroom.

I lay on the bed, letting out a deep sigh as I gazed at loose cover on the bed.

The tips of my fingers ran along the bed where she once lay next me. It felt like a lifetime ago that I had saw her face or heard her voice; Her real voice. I'm constantly terrified that I'm going to forget her. As the years go by I'm forgetting the way her touch sent electricity through my body like it had never been touched before; Or maybe it's the fact that I know her smile is slowly fading away from my memory. There's also a consistent dull ache in my chest because I long for her. Longing to kiss her lips and say I love you one last time.

I slipped my phone out of my pocket and dialed a number. They didn't answer but their voicemail did.

"Hey, it's Sofia, leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day". Hearing her voice was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. All my stress instantly melted away as I heard her voice.

"Hey's Ace, it's been awhile since I've done this" I muttered into the phone. I glanced at the floor while I tried to control my breathing. "It's four years today" I finally blurted out, my eyes stinging from the tears that were beginning to well up. "I usually limit myself to hearing this once a week so that I don't over do it because I know it's not healthy and I've already called this week but I said fuck it due to the fact you been.....gone four years now" I bit my lip as I tried desperately to hold back the tears.

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