Chapter 7 - A New School

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Lily found that the rest of her week quickly passed. By the time she was completely cleared, she was itching to leave the house. She was restless and wanted to finally be able to join her siblings in class. They had already been able to give her a detailed rundown of the school dynamic and classes which she was grateful for, but she was ready to experience it for herself. Fortunately, she had quite a few siblings who had all gone through this experience multiple times. Alice insisted on picking out her outfit. While Lily may have appeared to protest, she was thankful for her sister. Thanks to her sister's guidance, she had avoided the awkward phase that she witnessed her classmates navigating through.

She was not as excited as the morning finally came. She was pulled out of her sleep by a loud banging on her door. "Baby Lily. Time for school."

She rolled her eyes at his antics. As much as she wanted to ignore Emmett, it would only escalate the situation. She barely managed to sit up before he opened her door. She reached behind her and flung a pillow at his face before flinging herself back on the bed. Emmett's laugh resounded around the room as the soft material bounced off him. Her act of aggression did not affect her almost unbreakable brother. He simply continued his approach to the side of the bed, picked her up, and threw her over his shoulder.

"Let me go, you troll!" She yelled as she pounded her fist against his skin carefully so as to not actually injure herself. She knew she had been too slow.

"Let your sister go. Liliana, dear, your food is on the table." Esme's voice was a welcome relief.

"Thanks, mom!" The girl responded as she was deposited in the chair. Esme couldn't resist cooking a morning spread before Lily left. It was part of the reason Emmett had woken the girl up, he didn't want the woman's effort to go to waste.

Esme had conflicting emotions throughout the night. She knew it was important that all her children went to school, but she selfishly liked having her home during the day. It reminded her of when she first joined them. She couldn't believe that Lily was already going into high school. She was still young, but she could see how quickly the years were passing. Esme knew she likely had centuries to spend with her other children, and she used to be able to disregard the years passing. Lily was different. There was only so much time she would spend at home. The family tried to avoid thinking about this. It weighed on them heavily. She was too much a part of their lives to think about her leaving. Esme pondered if they would have been better served by forcing Lily back into the eighth grade, but she knew this was for the best. By placing her in high school, she would be surrounded by family and her schoolwork could progress as intended.

Lily finished her entire plate of eggs, fruit, and bacon before heading back upstairs. She had let Alice have free range of her closet and saw a pile of clothes folded on her dresser. She rolled her eyes when she noticed her sister had even gone through the effort of picking out her jewelry. She quickly put on some makeup, tied up her hair in a high ponytail, and threw the clothes on. She took a minute to look in the mirror before she left. Alice had done a good job. She looked exactly like a normal high school student. Their wealth afforded them nicer clothes than most, but most importantly, she did not look like a child. She would easily pass as a freshman, if not a sophomore. She took one last look before she headed down the stairs.

 She took one last look before she headed down the stairs

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