31. Anger

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Samuel's POV

As soon s left I drank a whole glass of water in one go .

Who does this ?!
She added sugar to my coffee.

No I think it's not appropriate to say that.

She added coffee in a suger syrup and then made me drink it .

God ! This girl has a nerve to do all this with me.

She didn't budge , she is really something but then again how could she made me drink that .

Oh stop it Sam ! It was just a sugar syrup not poison .....and didn't even gulp a drop down your throat so stop overreacting !! My subconsciousness yells at me.

Yeah ! But still .

She is my wife and she is supposed to be sweet to me

She was ,she was more than sweet !did you forget that sugar syrup .... My subconsciousness mocks me ....but still she is worth being your wife , she is different and isn't scared of you , no matter what you do !!!

I just shook my head to get my mind clear.

And I got a call from Angela my PA.... Who told me that the project report is not ready yet .

And tomorrow is the date.tge only thing running in my mind was if I lost this project ,it'll be a great loss, already there are so many of companies in line for this one.

" What do you mean by it isn't ready ?! That last presentation that you mailed me is full of mistakes ...it's just bullshit and now you say repost isn't done yet,
What the hell all of my staff is doing ....I don't pay them to be a lazy ass and chit chat in working hours....I want the final report done in an hour or else I'll fire the whole team of this project ....Am I clear ?! "

" Yes sir ! " She gulped and I hang the call up .

" Just great ! " I mutter to myself when I see I broke the glass in my hand and now my hand is bleeding .

How lovely day ?!
It just getting better and better.

Just then , I see Amy coming into my study again.

" I just came to tell yo-

Her eyes got wide at the site of my hand and she ran to me grabbing my hand in hers.

" What the hell is this ?! How did this happen ?! Can't you see you are bleeding " she shouted at me and scolded me for my carelessness as if she is my mother.

I didn't even realise that she has started treating my wound till now

" Oww!" I wince on pain as she applies a get on my wound with a cotten ,That hurts like she had just sprayed red chillies over it.

" Stop behaving like a kid !! " She scold me

Kid and me ?! Seriously !!

" That is your department not mine !! " I said to her which made ger roll her eyes .

" I don't shout like you when I apply this on myself !!" She says to me softly .

What she applies this on her self ?! Is she get hurt that often .
It hurts when she applies that ! How could she tolerate that pain, only the thought of being her pain is making me feel something I don't know !

But why the hell she has to apply on her self !
Oh yeah ! I remember , she has a history of falling !

But why she is caring for me when she hates me !
Well , I deserve her hate , I think I would have also done same in her shoes.

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