32. Sorry

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As I came to my room , I was in tears , I  feel so useless.
....so helpless.

I couldn't stop him .
Why ?!
Just because he has a title of being my husband.
No ! It's not like one day everyone force me and I say 'I do'
And he has every right to do anything .
I have a heart and feelings !
One 'I do ' doesn't give him that emmense power
I can't let him break me

I let him do that .
I would never let anyone insult me !
And yet , he behaved I like a beast with me , and I let him.

Why didn't I stop him .
I could have slap him right across his face but my hands were like out of my control .

I hate myself for this .
I am a girl strong , independent girl.

And yet ....
I don't know ,why ?! I did it .
It's all my fault , I let him treat me like a shit .

But I won't let him see me like this .
I can't show him , my weak side.
No !

I wash my face and head to dinner after some time .

Greta calls me , " where is Sam ?! Can you can him for dinner dear!! "

I shook my head " if he wanna eat ,he can come by himself or else you can call him "

She nods and calls him .
While I ignore him as if he didn't exist.

I was eating my food and I can feel his gaze on me.i avoided him for the whole time but it getting too much .

It's like he isn't even blinking  and it's too intense.i was controlling myself not to look at him but my traitor body ....

As soon my eyes find his , I see him staring at my arms and when I follow his gaze I see red marks over my arm .

Yes ! It was him who did this.

But I see a clear guilt in his eyes. I dont know if is fake or not , but I wanna believe it ....but can I

I left the dinner and head to my room after having a bath...I get under the covers to sleep but couldn't get any.

As I close my eyes his screaming face was infront of my eyes.

How he shouted at me.
How he held me.

We were so close , he was just an inch away from me.... That was such a intimate condition but our conversation says the otherwise.
And the next second his eyes showing his guilt .

I couldn't get myself to believe on him .


I woke up very late in the morning , maybe due to fact I was not able to sleep last night.

I rub my eyes to shedd off the remaining sleep that is ready to leave me.


I was in balcony , it was a fresh morning ...he has so many plants.... gardening is my second love....I love the blooming flowers....and the lovely fregrence that they give you....it just makes your day....

I smile and get my hands into the pot without caring about my manicured hands.


After I was done in the balcony I felt my stomach growling ....

So I moved to kitchen ....

Where is Greta ?!
Anyhow !!

I am hungry ....so look for food first.

In the fridge ,I found some leftovers from yesterday ....and then I reheat that and devoured that .

Greta is realy a good cook .I just love her food .

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