33. Master piece

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I was almost ready , but was still fidgeting with my hairs....not sure whether to curl them or not.

When I hear Mr dumbhead shouting from the closet.

"AMY !! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ???" He shouted over his lungs like I am deaf and can't hear him .

Getting irritated at his tone I shout back while walking to him towards closet.

" Dude, I am not deaf ! ....or you plan to burst my ears !! "

But once I see him sitting in the closet , I literally bite my cheek to control myself from bursting into a fit of laughter ....but I think I wasn't able to as after seeing me he looks more pissed, so he said ...

" Please don't hold back !....laugh at my expense !! " And that was it.

I laugh till I have pain in my stomach ....and tears were flowing from my eyes and I got to know that my maskara is not waterproof....as it got smudged slightly ... thankfully not making me a joker.

Once I stopped to catch a breath, from the corner my eyes I see him smiling....but then he has a straight face again...

Amy don't be stupid why would he smile when you are laughing at him.

Then he brokes my chain of thoughts

" Care to explain now ?! "

Then again my eyes land on him sitting on that round  white fluffy sitter , wearing his shoes looking pissed....might I add just because of my creativity.

I put some mud from pot in his shoes, which also includes animal dung to be specific I mixed that in some wet soil but instead of putting that in pots I put that in his shoes, I got this in the morning from the gardener .

His nose scrunched in disgust clearly at the smell.

He looks cute !!

" You need an explanation !! You wound me ! " He burrows frow at my choice of words so I continue

" After experiencing my creativity from past few days , you still don't recognise  my new master piece ....I think I need to do more hardwork " I smile

" Please , you are already topping...may I suggest you should stop practising ! " He adds
Looking serious.

I laugh " I can't ! Practice makes a man perfect ! "

He immediately looks straight at me horrified

Is he scared of me ?!

" You are excellent at what you do !! I experience your creations everyday ...so I know better!...you don't need more practice " he states earning a giggle from me
He continues " so what do I owe this awwfully wonderful pleasure ....were you bored or extremely happy this time ?! "

" Well actually angry !! " I answered honestly , a look of guilt again wash over his face.
And I continue " this was for the scene you created last night , you wouldn't have to face this if you apologised yesterday !....but you got late so..." I trail off

" I deserve this ! " He states
Oh no Amy ! He is guilty
Was  this really necessary !

" No ! I think you don't ....you are guilty and you apologised ....I am sorry for this , I really forgot about this, I was so exited about meeting everyone that I forgot about this ....I could have told you about this one and yo- " he stops my never-ending rambling while holding my arm and urging me stop with his eyes that seems to be working as I stopped.

" It's fine ! You don't need to be sorry ! " He says softly

I smile " but I think you really need to take a bath again ....cause I can't bear this smell anymore !sorry to say but  You are seriously stinging !! " I said in my sugarcoating voice.

He firstly smile and then look at me with what I think is  an  amusement  in his eyes and fires at me " so now you can't bear this smell ?! How did you put this in my shoes with your own hands ?! "

" Oh please don't remind me !! That was a torture for myself also .... But hey , i wore gloves , eww , you really thought I wound touch that ! "
Well I do admit I put my hands in pot without gloves but when this idea pops up in my brilient brain ,the first thing I was searching were gloves.

" No go fast ! We are getting late!"


As the car stopped in front of the gates ....I immediately get out of it and was running towards the door ...not caring about him as he  head to park his car in garage .

I get in and the first person came face to face make me questions on myself ' am I at the right place ?! ' I look around and a satisfaction ran through me and then I question

" Max ??"

"  So You remember ?! " He question back with a smile.

" Offcourse I do ....you the best friend !! " I grin

" And you are the wife !! "
Yeah ! I am ....
I know , Lucky me !! ( Note the sarcasm )

" But what are you doing here ?!" He questions me .

I mean really !

" Exactly ! That's what I wanna ask you ?! What are you doi here ?! " I shoot at him genuinely confused or curious at the same time.

When he was about to answer a familiar voice echos in my ears and in the next moment I was captured in a bone crushing hug !

" AMY !! "

After a moment when I was about to  pull back. We hear an another familiar voice that was from non other than our today's host and my dear best friend slash sister in law Jenna .

" How dare you two forget me ?!"
With that she jumps on both of us into a group hug.

And the whole hall was filled with our giggles.
" I missed you so much ! " I said

" Me too ! " She answers

" Hey ! Did you not miss me ?! " Jenna interjects

" No offcourse not ! " Jenna makes a pout while I laugh .

We all pull apart and in-fornt of us stands a smiling yet confused max .

We really forget that we have audience .

" Hey , where have you kept husband ?! Jenna told me that he is really something !!"

My eyes snapped at her wide at the choice of her words ,it's not like I don't know her , she has always been like this .
And at the exact moment someone clear his throat from behind , I turn to see Mr six packs standing infront of me.

" Here he is ! " Jenna mutters.

" Who hoo !Jenna I think ,you didn't do that justi- oww!!" she was about to continue when I stomp on her foot making her dumb.

And Mr six packs walk up to me and stands beside me
Waiting for introduction he looks at me and I took this as I cue.

" Cami meet Samuel , my husband ( I don't know how ....but this word make his way to my tongue ) and she is Camille my best friend ! "

Jenna again butted in " our best friend ! "

I laugh " yeah yeah ! "

Then they shake hand

" Max ? What are you doing here ?! " When Mr dumbhead found  his best friend here totally unexpectedly he questions him .

While he frowns
" Why everyone is questions me this ?! ....Both of you , what is your problem with me ?! Can't I be here ?! And dude ! Did you forget I am best buddy !! ....am here with my girlfriend ! "He states

" Do you know him ?! " Cami questions me

" Offcourse ! I do ....and who is your girlfriend ?! " I question max turning towards him

Cami answer shyly
" Umm...Amy ! He is with me !! "

Whoo hooo ! That was a news .
Who could have thought about this ?!


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