Chapter 16

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~Victoria's POV

I wake up to the bright rays of the sun shining on my face. In any other morning I would've loved to wake up to such beauty, but the events of last night brought a horrible feeling to the pit of my stomach.

The absence of Xavior's arm around my waist let's me know that he is no longer beside me. I get up, immediately missing the warmth and safety of the bed. I head to the bathroom and see a small bruise on my neck, where I was choked.

I turn away from my reflection, unable to look at myself as it would open the memory that I want to forget. After a quick shower I head downstairs to find Xavior in his sweatpants that's hung dangerously low on his hips. His back is facing me as he is preparing breakfast.

The strong sent of eggs, bacon and pancakes causes my stomach to growl in hunger. Xavior must have heard it as he turns around and gives me an amusing look. I blush in embarrassment.

"Good morning, princess, did you rest well?" Xavior stops his cooking and walks over to me. He pulls me closer and I am immediately surrounded by his addictive scent. "Yes I did thank you" I reply looking away, I didn't want him to see my lies.

Xavior places his hand on my chin and turns me to face him, I look into his eyes and almost drown in them. "Victoria, I have been in this business for a very long time, I can tell when someone is lying to me." he says to me in a stern yet calm voice.

He leads me to the kitchen table and dishes me food. I stare at the food in front of me, but the anxious feeling inside of me stops me from digging in. Xavior probably noticed my hesitation since he came around me and pulled me in for another much needed hug.

"Baby, I know last night was a shock, but you need to eat, you will need energy for your training today." I shoot my head up in shock. Today? I'm not ready. I push Xavior away from me and turn my head and begin to look around nervously.

~Xavior's POV

I notice her discomfort, if only she knew that the sooner she trains the sooner she'll be able to handle herself. She turns her head back towards me. "Xavior I'm not ready, please understand that." she pleads. I look in her eyes and see the fear. "Baby I know you're scared, why don't you eat your breakfast, then you come with me to the gym and see how I train, and if you don't want to join, we'll start another day, how does that sound my love?"

She breathes out a breath of relief. "Okay, thank you so much." she says. She turns her stool to face her food, but before she can, I stop her and turn her towards me, she gives me a confused look. I smirk at her " Aren't you going to give me my morning kiss?" she blushes, but nevertheless, gets up and stands on her tippy toes to kiss me.

I close my eyes and feel her soft lips make contact with mine, I grab her and pull her towards me, caging her in. God she feels good in my arms. We break the kiss and I see her red as a tomato. I chuckle and give her ass a good slap before dishing myself a plate.

~Later that day.
~Victoria's POV

I stare at myself in the full length mirror, examining my the work out clothes that Xavior gave me.

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