34. movie time

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Hey my lovely readers ! I am really very sorry for not updating last two days , actually I am having a viral and was not able to focus so writting was way too far . I feel little better today so I write this chapter just to make it up to you ....I am not sure if I'll be able to update daily for few days , but if I felt somehow better so I'll definitely update but that will be somehow short .....so I apologise again.
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We came to the hall , and as Ethan ,I ran to him and he caught me into a bone crushing hug.

I met mom and dad after some time , they were happy seeing me.

I talked to th m for a while and then Cami came

" Hey Amy ! You are in here ?! I have been looking for you everywhere !! Sorry uncle ,auntie....for taking her from you but , everyone is waiting for her, we gonna start ."

My dad smiled at her.

And then she dragged me with her.

" Your lover boy is being desperate to see you!! " She nudged me

What ! My lover boy !!
Now , who the hell is he ??!

She slap my arm " oh please , don't play dumb with me , tu our handsome hunk of a husband is looking from you ....he is being restless !!"
She said trying to make my blush but I know , she is joking ! Why would he be looking for me !!

So I roll my eyes at her.

" Ain't we getting late now ?! " I ask her.

" Yeah ! Let's go "


Now we were in our theatre room ,as Jenna has planned to watch movies.

I settled down while the debate was still going on about which movie we are going to play .... Max and Ethan wanted some adventures movie with fighting and all....on the other hand Cami and Jenna were persistent to watch a romantic movie.

I was enjoying the perfect show they were playing exclusively for me ...which was really very entertaining

And suddenly they turn to me

" Amy , tell him we're watching a romantic movie and that's final ...he can't deny to you ! " Jenna says to me

While ethan looks at me with pleading eyes to not to agree with Jenna

I turn my head to see Mr dumbhead looking at me with something that I think is amusement in his eyes .

I took a deep breath .

" Am sorry Jenna ! We are not watching a romantic one ...that will be too cheesy ! "
Which was followed by max and Ethan whistling

And then I move to them obviously to burst their bubble.
" Why are you so happy ?! We ain't watching some superman cliche movie either ! "

"So what we gonna watch " they ask in unison

" Comedy ! "

They all agreed to that and Ethan played it and settled beside Jenna .on the other hand max and Cami were sitting together.

I was already sprawled so I didn't care much but my eyes widen when I saw mr dumbhead sitting beside me ....

We all were laughing and I was literally out of control

We all have snacks and drinks .
I shared my popcorn with mr six packs ,
He was not laughing at al , he was all serious .
And I am as like , dude ! Are you stoned ! he was having a straight face , whenever I saw him , and here I was laughing like a mad woman .I was struggling to keep my horrondrous laugh low.

The movie was to about to end in almost half an hour,
We all were laughing and suddenly the door open and reveals the one person I hated to see, my mood takes a deep fall .


" Hello everyone ! Am sorry I got late , I tried coming early but you know I just got kinda held up !! " She said eyeing me

I roll my eyes knowing exactly what she wanna do ,

But she wasn't alone she came with her minion Stella.

Both of them met everyone , and at the end she came towards me

" Congratulations Amy for your wedding ! Am really sorry i wasn't able to attend that ! " She said making a sad face.

I was about to answer when her minion Stella starts." Yeah ! Sorry Amy ! We were on a trip , my boyfriend arranged that and I asked Britney and then she and l"
I cut off her useless rambling getting exactly what she wanna say

" Oh thankyou so much for wishes ! But don't be sorry for not attending , you two were not invited I made sure of that personally " I said without any hint of humour and in a serious tone so get this straight to not mess with me today .

Immediately Mr dumbhead 's neck snap towards me , I think he didn't imagined me to say all this.
Well , chuck it !
I don't care what he thinks of me right now .

Both of them looked taken a little back at my blunt reply

Jenna made them settle down and we resumed the movie , but I was really not in a mood to watch the movie anymore.
I lay back into my seat and he looked at me curiously
" What ?! " I wispher yell at him
" Nothing ! " He answered and I lay back

When the movie ended
I got up to go out , I really don't wanna be in a same room with Britney , i don't have in problem with her , but I know her well , I know she'll do anything to piss me off.

Immediately she get up and said
" Where are you going Amy ?!I haven't enjoyed the movie , we should watch one more! "

" Am not interested ! " I snap at her.

Jenna got up , " Amy ! Am sorry ,she is here ! Actually it was her plan and we thought you won't be coming so Ethan I agreed ! Please Amy ! "

I nodded to her
" I am fine ! I'll manage, don't worry about me , and I can't say you to kick her out ,she is your cousin ! Besides its your party "

She laughed at me and " what if it wasn't !"

Without thinking for a minute I answer" if it wasn't yours , and you were not married to Ethan either so without wasting a second I would have kicked her ass out of my house myself ! "

" I don't have any doubt in that ! " She laughed .

Cami came to me " don't worry ! Am here .... We know how to manage her well ! " She chuckled
And I laugh at her knowing exactly what she is talking about.

" So horror movie it is ! It's final !! " She shouted

And my eyes goes wide.
What the hell ! She knows exactly I don't like horror movies at all

Well duh !that's why she is doing it , my subconsciousness reminds me

She turns to me " well Amy ! If you wanna leave you can ! I know you are scared of horror movies !! " She taunts me and make fun of me .

How dare she ?!

I will not let her spoil this day !

" Who says I am scared! I am not !! " I said and settle on my previous seat beside Mr. Six packs

She looks at me again but I avoided his gaze and watch at the screen .

Really scared to fits .

" Amy ,you don't have to ! Let's go out and I have some ice cream ! I bought your favourite "

I cut him off knowing he is concern for me .

" Ethan , don't disturb I wanna watch it , and I'll definitely have that ice cream ....laters ! " And focus my eyes on the screen...


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