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"What's wrong?" Sandors squeaky voice broke Sophie's spiral of thoughts, making her jump
"I didn't hear you come in," she said, sitting up. He didn't respond, just stared at her, waiting for an answer "I'm just stressing about stuff. What, with school and the Blackswan Neverseen debacle, training. . . There's just a lot on my plate," Sophie admitted.
"I can't help you much with most of those things, but we're still trying to figure out a plan for the Neverseen" Sandor trailed off, his hand subconsciously tightening around the hilt of his sword "we'll figure something out," he promised, determination flitting across his face. Sophie flopped back down on her bed, frustrated. Forkle and the black swan were being annoyingly silent, midterms were coming up, and her mind was spiraling so hard she was getting dizzy. She needed a distraction. . . She needed-
She sat back up, sliding off her bed and going to her closet, throwing on a simple tunic and leggings. She stumbled out of her closet, trying to pull on her boot, as Sandor growled
"Where are you going?" He asked
"The shores of solace. I'm going to check on Keefe," Sophie told him, still wrestling with the uncooperative boot
"But. . . You've been hailing him. It's only been a week," Sandor told her "plus you've gotten Elwin to give you check ups. You know he's doing fine,"
"So? I want to see him. And he'll be a great distraction- Ha!" The shoe finally slipped onto her foot, and she went back over to where the other one had been tossed aside
"Oh, I'm sure he'll find many ways to distract you," Sandor practically growled. Sophie's cheeks burned at the implication, but she ignored him as she finished getting ready, leading her two bodyguards up the stairs to the leap master

The sun was warm as Sophie glittered into view at the beach house, and the waves lapped lazily at the shore. But Sophie still felt tense as she made her way to the door, knocking tentatively. As she expected, Cassius greeted them, but instead of the cold, unsettling demeanor he usually gave off he just looked. . . Tired, and stressed. And as he stepped aside to let Sophie pass, the only thing he said was
"Keefe will be happy to see you,"
She eyed him wearily as she passed, but he didn't move as she made her way down the hall to Keefe's door
"I told you, Ro, she's-" Sophie could hear Keefe's voice through the door, but knocked before she could hear anymore of their conversation
"I told you, dad, I don't need anythin- Foster!" Keefe's eyes widened as Sophie stepped into the room, and as he tried to sit up he winced
"Ugh, when am I going to be able to stop being a maid, again?" Ro asked as she helped him reposition so he could sit upright and face Sophie as she settled into a chair beside his bed
"Elwin said another four weeks. Get used to it," Keefe smirked, then turned back to Sophie, his smile softening into something more genuine "Hi," was all he said
"Hi," Sophie returned, pausing before asking "how're you doing?"
"Good, actually! My dad has started worrying about me or something. He seems like he might actually care about my wellbeing for once, as if," Keefe laughed, but it sounded slightly bitter. It hung in the air for a minute, and Sophie was about to say something when he continued "But good. Plus I get to boss Ro around, which is awesome," he smirked
"He'll be in that bed for a lot longer then four weeks if he asks for one more glass of water," Ro grumbled, which made Sophie and Keefe laugh
"So, just wanted to make sure I'm okay? Weird, it's almost like you like me or something," Keefe asked, challenging her with a flirtatious smirk
"I- but-we're dating!" Sophie stuttered. Ro and Keefe laughed, and Sophie joined in shortly after. When she opened her eyes again she looked at Keefe's lap, and she noticed for the first time "you're using the blanket I gave you," she smiled. Keefe blushed a little
"Yeah, I was cold and it was the closest one so-" a snort cut him off
"Please. He won't take if off, ever since he got back. He sleeps with it, even," Ro corrected him
"I do not-" Keefe tried to say
"Don't even try to deny it. I have pictures," Ro told him "and I'm sure Sophie would be happy to see some of them," she added, almost as an after thought. Keefe and Ro must have known something Sophie didn't, because Keefe stopped trying  to deny it
"Elwin said four more weeks for it to heal?" Sophie asked, trying to interrupt the glaring contest Keefe and his bodyguard seemed to be having
"Yeah, maybe a little less. Says it was pretty bad break. . ." Keefe trailed off, twisting the golden edge of the blanket
"Well, at least you'll be back in action and annoying Sandor pretty soon," Sophie smiled, trying to lighten the mood "and we'll be able to train again. It's been super boring without you," Keefe smirked
"I bet Gigantor misses me like crazy," Keefe said. Sophie heard a small growl from outside the room and laughed
"We all do," she tried to smile but it faltered
"What's wrong?" Keefe asked, almost immediately
"I'm just. .  . I'm just trying to figure out they found us. I know it's not a mole. . . But. . ." Sophie wrung her hands lightly
"It's not a mole. There might be a tracker. . . But I doubt it," Sophie said
"Me, too. So if it's not a tracker, and not an informant," Keefe trailed off, but Sophie finished for him
"That begs the question. What is it?"

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