37. scared

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Third person's POV

It was quite late when they reached back to their apartment .

Amy was so tired that she directly headed to the room , after having a quick bath , she crash on bed.

While Sam headed to study, it was a after years when he barely  did any work . Any other day, it was wastage of time for him , but today he really did enjoy everything .

It was new experience for him , and he didn't regretted going there. Infact he was happy , he experienced a life that exist outside his world of buisness .

But in the end , he headed to study inspite of his tiredness and forced himself to check if their is any problem with the new project and if he has got any email and he did answer them all. It took him almost two hours and he take a shower in guest room.

On the other hand, while Sam was drowned in his bori g world of files and projects , Amy was turning and twisting on bed struggling for sleep , but sleep was miles from her.

So she recited the moment she lived today ....she was so happy to meet everyone today ...and Cami ....it has been months she last saw her and that was Jenna's engagement . How they all played ,how  she made Britteny fall in her own trap , her expressions were worth looking when she ran to throw up that coffee. A smile made her way on her lips by all the memories .
Then she remembered when how  Sam said ' It was love at first sight' .she was utterly shocked at his answer.

And when she saw at Brittany after than, she was sulking , her mood was spoiled .

She firstly think, maybe he is saying truth. May be the whole reason for him marrying her was his love ....but then she remembered , she agreed for this marriage without even  looking her so stop being delusional . He was just saving both of them by lying at the moment .
It's not like that he would say ' we didn't wanted this marriage ....but our parents force both of us in this loveless bond so here we are with our lovely dovey charade ....acting like we are perfect couple '

and as for Sam firstly he said whatncame to his mind t that moment but then he thought about it , he realised that there is strong pull between them he can't stop thinking about her , he has been  thinking about her from the day one , why this girl is so different . why he kept thinking about her , why does she affect him so much . why does he felt guilty  for her, why does he gets angry when she is connected with any other man , why did he not like anyone gawking at her , why can't he hate her , when daily she play pranks on him .
why does he felt a pull towards her , he never felt like this for any other girl not even for Rose .
she is cute , beautiful , innocent just like a child . He laughed at her innocence when she tells him that she want him to regret . does she thinks with this all pranks he will divorce her??!
she seems too different and that fact attract him .

Suddenly she remembered , that comedy movie she watched today that was so ....funny . She was almost out of breath at that time ....and the next moment flashes of that red faced ghost appear in front of her.

She cursed Brittany for that movie, she was so scared that she was not even able to close her eyes. Whenever she closes her eyes that red faced ghost with blood all over his body appears in front of her eyes. That ghost had long dirty nails ...he was really very scary and the worst part was he attack people on their dreams and then made them real ....so sleeping was not an option for her to avoid that ghost as it will make everything worst .... obviously according to her. For her , everything was real , she thought that ghost is outside her window , and as soon she'll sleep that ghost will haunt her.

So she kept her eyes open , not that she need to struggle for that , just by the mare thought of that movie her sleep was long long gone . But the whole house was so quite as if she was the only one in this whole world . There was seriously pin drop silence , she was even able to hear the tick tick sound from the wall clock , it was so creepy and making this whole thing spooky....that was not helping her condition at all .

So when Sam head back to room , his footsteps were audible , and Amy thought that ghost is coming for her .
She quickly crawed up in a ball on bed and cover her face with blanket . She doesn't wanna see that ghost .

But as soon she saw Sam in  door way she let out a sigh of relief and acted as she if was asleep

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But as soon she saw Sam in  door way she let out a sigh of relief and acted as she if was asleep .

But seeing her curled in a ball , Sam knew that she is scared . She chuckled mentally . Even if she was acting to be asleep but he knew she is not cause daily when he come back to room she is always sprawled all over the bed barely leaving any space for him and daily he had to shift her to her side ...but today .

He silently walked to his side and layed down with his hands under his head , covering himself with blanket .

As for Amy , she finally got to know , that Sam does sleep . She never seen him sleeping , it been two weeks that she is living with him .

Then again , that creepy sound from the clock was scaring the shit out of her . She turned to the other side and then she t
Saw him sleeping.

She wonders how can he sleep this easily where she is not getting any sleep from even after tring from last two hours. How could he sleep after watching that movie .

Sensing her scare Sam turned towards her , but before he  moved , she turned to other side , then at the corner of the room , she saw a shadow. Her throat got dry assuming that as a ghost , she moved backwards and  turned again , and she found herself close to Sam . She tried moving backwards but stoped when she felt a strong yet warm arm snaked around her waist.

Her breath got hitched .
" Stop twisting!.... Sleep , no one is there ! " Sam wispher softly .

She looked at him
" Now close your eyes !! You are not alone , am here !! "

Amy felt safe in his arms , and his words were enough to calm her . She immediately closed her eyes , and soon sleep overtakes them both.

Amy snuggled closer to the warmth around her .


In the morning , when alarm buzzed. Sam immediately woke up but as he tried to move , he felt restricted.

That was the moment when he realised , the position the were sleeping .

Amy's head was resting on his chest and her arms were holding him to her. While both of his arms were snaked around her small figure , keeping her safe .

He tried to remove her hands slowly , but her grip got tighter and she pulled him more close in her sleep , a light groan escaped from her throat .

Sam finally frees her one arm and turned that alarm off.

He turned towards Amy again , tried to remove her grip which seems to  tighten every time.
He chucked softly at her , she is  scared till now , and is stubborn as always .

Finally after twenty minutes , he got out from her grip , placed pillow at his place , covered her again and then headed to get ready for his morning jog.


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