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• dreamwastaken•

pop tart
add me to the smp

florida man
or what

pop tart
i'll leak ur face
it'll be an oopsies

florida man
oh, i'm hurt
you'd actually do that to me??

pop tart
probably yeah

florida man
but i would just leak ur face too, loser

pop tart
oH iM hUrT
yOuD aCtuaLLy dO tHaT tO Me ??
but you should still add me

florida man
consider it done
i'll add you to the discord too


"Hello, hello everyone!" Poppy greeted. The minecraft title screen spun slowly as she welcomed all of the viewers. The chat mainly asked "where's george?" but she ignored them. "Today I have a big announcement— I've been added to Dream's SMP! I'll be joining it and seeing what's up."

With the click of a few buttons, she was in. She joined a call with Sapnap and Dream but was almost immediately moved to another voice channel with Tommy, Tubbo, and Fundy.

"WOMAN!" Tommy shouted. Poppy flinched before responding.

"Yes, child?" She smiled.

"I'm not a child."

"Yes you are," All three said.

"Nevermind that. Are you American?" Tommy asked.

"Oh my g-" Fundy started.

"Unfortunately for your sake, I am," Poppy laughed.

There was a short silence before she was moved back to her original call with no context. She didn't mind it. "What was that about?" Sap asked.

"I think Tommy was trying to recruit me but I'm Ameri-" Poppy said before she was moved back into the other vc. "Stop doing that! Just tell me to switch on my own," Poppy said with a slight annoyance.

Wilbur had joined the chat and spoke up. "I apologize for the behavior of the child, but here's the deal. L'Manburg would like to recruit you as a spy. You'd be working for us but ultimately appear to be working for the... outsiders." Poppy almost burst out laughing at how serious he was, but she kept her cool. "So? What do you say?"

"I'm sorry to let you down but I was thinking of making my own nation. It would be a median and even if you were already in one, you could be a part of mine and help resolve big problems on the server," Poppy responded. Tommy let out an inhumane gasp. It was like nobody had ever said no to him.

"That's fair," Wilbur stated. "Does this new nation have a name?"

Poppy thought of the first word that came to mind. "Pax," She said quickly. "It means peace in Latin."

"Very well. L'Manburg will happily be of assistance to help your nation to its feet. Don't be scared to ask us for help, our doors are always open," He replied.

"Ooh can I co-join Pax?" Tubbo grinned. Poppy happily accepted and ran off to get materials for her new nation. Tubbo and Fundy helped and invited others to join. By the end of the stream, Pax already had six members: Poppy, Tubbo, Fundy, Niki, Sapnap, and George.

"I would rather die than join you and your nation," Dream had joked, although he was serious about not joining her.

"Alright, thank you all for watching! I'll probably be streaming a lot more now that I'm on the server. I have a nation to maintain! As always, I love you all and I wish you the bestest of days! See you next time! Bye!"

Poppy shut down the stream and let out a sigh she wasn't aware she was holding. Something was so off about her in that stream. She was thinking way too much about the minecraft date the day before.


pop tart
starbucks in 10?

florida man
make it 20
i gotta wrap up some stuff rq

pop tart


Poppy walked into the Starbucks to see Clay sitting in a corner seat with two coffees on the table. He didn't even notice her walk in. She paced over and sat down. He looked up from his phone with a smile. "Hey, you," Clay happily said. "What's up?"

"I know this is gonna sound cliché and disgusting, but why can't I stop thinking about George?" Poppy said quickly, laying it all down at once. Clay looked a little shocked, but simply slid her coffee across the table. "Thank you for the coffee by the way."

He snickered a little before humming the tune to the Bridal Chorus. He eventually began quietly singing. "Here comes the bride~"

Poppy softly punched him before saying, "This isn't the time for jokes. I literally wasn't myself the entire stream. He would start talking and I didn't know what to do."

Clay just laughed a little and took another sip of his coffee. "Well, do you like him?"

Poppy wasn't sure how to answer that question. She fiddled with her fingers before coming up with an answer that was good enough. "Well... I mean I like him as a person. George is a great guy. Super kind, really gentle with the way he words things, y'know? I wouldn't say I'm into him but I feel like I should be saying 'yet' at the end of that phrase."

"Well I mean it's completely normal to experiment with your feelings. You don't have to decide if you like him right this instant— Just let it flow."

"But what should I do to let it flow?"

Clay sat upright in his seat and made the same facial expression he always used when he was thinking. After a good 30 seconds he looked at Poppy. "How about a second date? Not organized by me, of course."

Poppy nodded. That would work.

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