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hey george!!

hey poppy!!
what's up?

so i was thinking anddd
wait did you change my name

oh i'm sorry if you don't want it that way
i can change it back
wait you changed mine

it's all good
anyways so i was thinking
and i'm asking you out on another date
do you accept?

of course!
the last one was so much fun

plan for 7 on the same server, your time

alright :)
see you then



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_its.poppy_ minecraft dates are fun
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georgenotfound ready for round two?
     _its.poppy_ heck yeah!!
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daughterofpoppy BAHAHA THE CHAIN
technosimp where's the face reveal :((
tubbox_ is poppynotfound official??

"Hello, hello everyone!" Poppy said in a slightly more peppy voice than normal. She always said the same thing at the beginning of stream. "Today George and I are going on another date, so I figured I'd give you guys more editing content." The chat went wild thinking that they had been sneaky with their poppynotfound edits.

"Hello?" A familiar voice chimed in. Poppy smiled.

"Oh, hey George! I didn't even hear you join the call," Poppy said, her mood getting increasingly better with him there. He let out a 'hmm' and moved on. "Should we just pick up where we left off?"

"Surely," George said. Poppy snickered and mocked his tone, to which they got into a very over dramatic fake fight. It ended with laughs.

As the stream continued, both read out almost all donations, trying to answer any questions the viewers had. The chat was a lot calmer on this date.

$30 Donation from ThatGirlLayla:
hey poppy! do you guys have nicknames for each other yet? love you !!

Poppy's cheeks became a light shade of pink. "Thank you so much for the $30, Layla! As far as nicknames go... Jeez I'm not sure. I guess I call him Georgie."

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