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hey :)

hi :)
what's up?

wanna go on another mc date?
i have some questions

of course
should we stream it?

give the fans more content

they sure love it


florida man
hey uhh kinda bad news

pop tart
what's up?

florida man
nick is going through something right now
i won't specify for his privacy
but he's told me he won't be going on the trip

pop tart
oh my god
oh i feel so bad
that's totally okay i'll text him after this

florida man
listen you know i love you
but if nick's not going i don't think i will
it'd be kinda awkward, yknow?

pop tart
oh totally
yeah yeah i understand

florida man
it'll give you more time with george, though
so that's a positive

pop tart
i guess...
jeez i feel horrible
i'm gonna go text him, alright?

florida man
sounds good
thanks for not being mad

pop tart
of course!
take care of him while i'm away


big p
hey bb :( i heard that something happened
and i don't want to make you feel pressured
to speak right now but i just want you to
know that i'm always here for you. you can
always talk to me if you need to. don't feel
bad about the trip. dream let me know you
wont be coming that's perfectly okay. i hope
you feel better soon. i love you, kiddo.
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Poppy felt her heart sink as she set down her phone. You should be helping Nick more. She though to herself. Am I being selfish? ...Yes. Going on the trip without him is so rude. How could I do that? Just leave him here? I'm a horrible fri-

Poppy's thoughts were cut off by her phone ringing. She slightly jumped and turned it over to see that George was calling. She answered, placing it against her cheek. "Hello?"

"Hey," George replied. "Did you hear about SapNap?"

"Yeah... I know something happened but not the specifics. I don't want to barge into his personal life," Poppy said quietly. She hopped on her bed, making herself comfortable. "But you didn't call me to talk about him, did you?"

"No, of course not," He said simply. "I was gonna ask when you wanted to go on that date. I didn't really specify."

"I'm pretty much free for the rest of the day," Poppy offered. "Does an hour from now work for you?"

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