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•day 3/5•

George was the first one awake this time. He slowly caressed the girls face, rubbing her cheek with his thumb. She stirred and he gently smiled. "Poppy~" George whispered in a sing song voice. The girls eyebrows furrowed although her eyes stayed shut.

She mumbled something that couldn't be understood in any language and George let out a soft chuckle. "Poppy, we have to get up," He said. The girl slowly opened her eyes to see the boy looking at her.

"Ten more minutes," She whined. He shook his head and she groaned. "But I'm so cozy."

"So am I but we have to go meet the gang," He laughed quietly. Poppy rubbed her eyes, shifting into a spoon position with the boy.

"Pleeease~" She whimpered. He once again shook his head. "What time is it anyways?"

"It's already 11:00, silly," He said. That was enough to make Poppy spiral into a panic about being late. She quickly got up, ignoring George's laughs and ran to the bathroom to put on an outfit.

George knocked on the door, shooting a small smile at Poppy. She returned the favor as the door was opened.

Wilbur Soot was much taller than Poppy had expected. Sure, she knew he was 6'5, but she didn't realize how tall that actually was. "Wilbur!" She exclaimed, welcoming George and herself in.

"Poppy!" He returned, embracing her in hug. Wilbur broke off the hug and looked at the duo. "How are you guys doing?"

"Doing gr-" Poppy started before a scream erupted in the other room. She jumped slightly before laughing and making her way to the main room.

There she found Tubbo, Tommy, and Niki all sitting on the floor playing the original Mario Kart. Tommy was red faced as Niki had seemingly passed him and won first place. "You wouldn't have won if someone didn't use a fucking airborne!"

"Awh, I'm sorry Tommy," She said in a mother like voice. It was genuine, not mocking. "Do you want to try another map?"

Poppy cleared her throat and all three heads shot back at her. Niki's jaw slightly dropped as she dropped her controller and raced towards the girl. "Poppy!" She yelled. Embracing her in a huge hug, Poppy laughed. The two boys lined up.

Poppy gave a hug to Tubbo first and was greeted with a stone faced Tommy. "Woman," He stated with an angry tone.

Poppy let the smile wash away from her face. It was an act. "Child," She spat back, outstretching her arm. He grabbed it to shake her hand and she pulled him into a hug, laughing. The room laughed with her and he broke away.

"I still can't believe you didn't join L'Manberg."

It had been a long, foggy day and George was practically dragging Poppy around with the rest of the group. "Why are you so tired?" He laughed.

"I wouldn't be if we had ten more minutes this morning," She retorted quietly. George laughed and grabbed her hand as the group walked through the fog to find their cars. "It was lovely meeting you all," Poppy said with a hint of sadness. "I'm sorry that we only really got one day."

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