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hey b can we call?

of course
give me 5 minutes


Poppy's phone rang. The FaceTime screen faced her. She clicked accept, scared. He wasn't streaming.

"Hey!" He smiled. She weakly smiled back at him.

"Hey," Poppy replied. George looked at her, waiting. "So uh... Yeah. I wanna talk about some stuff."

"Go ahead," He said, propping his phone on his monitor and writing some stuff down on a notepad.

"Can you please listen?" She asked, a slight bit of annoyance behind her voice. "This is important."

George set the notepad aside and looked directly at her. "I was just planning, don't get mad at me," He retaliated. "So what's going on?"

"I just really miss you," Poppy sighed. She held her head in her hands. "I know you've been saving up to come here but it's been forever."

"You know that's not my fault," George said before Poppy cut him off.

"So what? It's my fault?" She raised her voice. George's face contorted. He was obviously getting sick of her tone.

"I didn't say that."

"But you meant it."

The two got quiet. "I'll be there sooner or later," George explained. "Money is tight, you know that. I'm trying to get out there as soon as I can."

"Why aren't you here, though? You should have enough money to be here by now," She complained.

"God, can you stop that?"

"Stop what?"

"With the angry voice and the whining! I'm trying to be reasonable."

"I have the right to be mad."

"Why are you mad though?"

"Cause you aren't putting any effort into this relationship!" Poppy yelled. She immediately regretted her word choice.

"I'm not putting any effort into this relationship?" He repeated, a cold tone on the end of his tongue.

This was Poppy's chance to take it back. She didn't. "Yes. You aren't."

George looked hurt, as did Poppy by her own voice. "So what, you think this is a one sided relationship?" He asked, carefully treading.

"I do."

Poppy was glaring at him with tears rolling down her cheeks. George placed his hand over his mouth and jaw, in thought of where to go with the conversation. Poppy didn't dare break the silence.

"Is this your way of trying to say you want to break up with me?" The boy asked with a quiet voice. She was breaking his heart.

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