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poppy [twpoppy]
very important stream today!! drop by at 6 :)
george [georgenotfound]
drop by the stream or die ✋😤


"Are you sure you wanna do this?" George asked as he stood in the doorway. Poppy tapped away at her keyboard, breathing shallowly.

"Positive," She responded, although she didn't sound very convinced. "Let's get this going."

With a few taps, she was live.

PoppyPlays is live: Important Just Chatting!! + Face Reveal?

Her Starting Soon wallpaper filled the screens of her viewers. Poppy observed the chat carefully, and her heart beat quickened. The chat was blowing up, and she could hardly stop to read it.

Messages like "face reveal???" and "it's happening" overflowed her monitor. Although she was muted and her face cam was still off, she felt like she had the entire world's eyes on her.

The viewer count continued to climb up and Poppy figured it was time to begin before she chickened out. "Hello, hello everyone!" Poppy said shakily. "I'm sure you've all seen my tweet, or at least seen the title of this stream."

Poppy's voice hitched and she took a deep breath. Some of the chat was already getting anxious. "I'm under a lot of pressure right now with this stream," She sighed. "Before I reveal my face I want to explain some things. I've seen a lot of people talking about doxxing and I want to spread the message that doxxing is not okay. A lot of streamers are under high stress to upload, let alone keep their private life in order. I will be revealing some information from my own personal life but I don't want you guys to go looking for further info on it or to make theories about my personal life."

Poppy looked at George and he nodded. She put a slowdown on her chat. "If you choose to hate me with the information that I will be revealing today, so be it. Do not, and I will repeat this, do not hate on anyone mentioned in this stream. If you seriously need to hate on someone, hate on me. Just leave other people out of this."

Poppy was shaking. "S-So, without further a do, here's... me."

The screen faded from the usual yellow background to a live video of her. Poppy smiled at the camera. "Hello."

The chat was speeding up, even with the cool down. A mix of mostly positive and partial negative comments overflowed her monitor. She wasn't sure how to feel. It was a scary feeling: knowing that every person watching her stream now knew what she looked like.

"Well, the stream isn't just a face reveal, so let's talk a little more," Poppy laughed. "I have some big news to break with you guys... Especially the shippers."

Poppy smiled and stood up to grab George's hand. She gently led him into the room and sat him in the stool beside her. Poppy was convinced that the viewers would break her monitor. "Hello," George smiled at the camera.

"Yeah, so uh," Poppy began. George looked at her with a smile and he raised his eyebrows. She started laughed and gently shoved him. "Well I've actually been living with George for a little over two months now." He starting laughing at the chat, nodding
at her statement.

George looked at her, silently asking if he should break the big news to the chat. Poppy nodded with a big smile. "Poppy and I have been dating for almost a year and we figured it was time to make it public," George announced.

Chat was practically begging them to turn on donations. Poppy leaned over in her chair so she was leaning up against George. "So, yeah," She laughed. "I think that's really all the big stuff... I'll turn on donations now."

Almost instantly, back to back donations spread across her screen. Even with her face on the screen, things just felt right.



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_it's.poppy_ hello there :)
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poppy [twpoppy]
thanks to everyone who dropped by the stream! check my insta for a face reveal if you didn't watch it :)
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feeling like the last mcyt without a face reveal now
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Poppy got into bed with George and he instantly gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Poppy sighed and let him hold her. "How do you feel?" He asked.

"Weird," Poppy mumbled. "I've already seen like sixteen edits of just me, let alone the people going batshit crazy over us."

"It'll die down," George reassured. "You should've seen the DreamNotFound edits. Those were insane." He laughed and got Poppy to crack a smile.

"Oh, I know they were crazy. I made every single one of them," She joked. "I'm the ultimate DreamNotFound shipper."

The two laughed and continued into the night, letting go of worry. For the first time in what felt like forever, Poppy felt normal.

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