38. cooking !!

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It's been whole two weeks , since our friends time , and honestly speaking , that day made us something ....I don't know what ?....but definitely something did happen between us that day . It was something that I can't pin point .but we are not strangers anymore.

Now , we dont ignore one another anymore like earlier . We talk to each other daily , I don't know if we are ....maybe roommates or maybe more than that .....but I feel like there is something between us .its kinda good whatever it is.

Last two weeks , they have been amazing .... I can't say the same for Mr. Dumbhead .but for me they were .... really.

On our friends time , we watched movies and play games together .... And he helped me sleep that night ,  for which I was really grateful to him , cause I remember last time when I saw a freaking poster of a white ghost  in cami 's house...I was terrified that night and  for the whole week . I couldn't sleep that whole week . But he made me feel ....safe, I don't know why , but I think I can trust him, which I did and I don't regret that.

And I also got to know that day also he helped me for freaking out , i saw some pictures of that day , which apparently Jenna took and send me yesterday , and I saw myself digging holes in his flesh withy own nails in the background of that photograph.
So I am thinking of giving him a break for today and not to torture him today with my lovely and innovative creations .

From the day , we have moved here , I've not spent a single day in which he havnt experienced my new , innovative ,lovely and unique creations .

For somedays he shouted but now he is kinda used to it . If anything happens he just come to me and then I laugh which I try hard to control but fails miserably every time.

After that I help him everytime with whatever I have done to him .

But some of my pranks were like really awesome on which he also laughed. And did I tell you that he looks so hot and handsome when he laughs he has that small dimples and his eyes shines , he looks so young and free.

Amy ! Stop it , seriously now you found him hot ??! My subconsciousness yells at me

I never said he is not hot ! I narrowed my eyes at my subconsciousness .

Okay whatever ! What I was saying is that he laughed and that too at my prank of himself .

He first laughed when I added itching powder in his socks , that was amazing , he didn't even have any idea why he was having so much itching and then suddenly his tubelight glowed 💡....and then he called me ....and you can imagine the one  logical think I would have done at that historical and a very serious situation ....what ?? You don't know ? ... obviously I laughed hard.

And when I was done , I helped him and after that he said
He also wanna get even & want his revenge on me . After that what he did shocked me , I don't know ,how he found that itching powder but he sprinkled that powder on me , although I ran from him before he can even do that but that powder was definitely on me already , I scratched by belley but my back was so ....

So he helped me , by that he got to know about my sweet point and he tease me everytime by that .

What ?!
What are you thinking ??
You dirty minded people !!

He got to know that I am very ticklish ....so now , whenever he wanna get even with me for  something ,he tickles me till I loose my breath .

he laughed yesterday also when I added charcoal in his black towel , well he have only black towels....he is like that teenage girl who loves pink and have every single damn thing  in pink .

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