Chapter 17

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~Victoria's POV

I look everywhere in awe at all the beautiful women and men training, pole dancing as well learning choreography.

The whole atmosphere was dripping with confidence and hard work. Kyle leads me to one of the dancers that is, what I assume, taking a break.

When she notices us, she smiles warmly at me. I return the smile immediately feeling her radiant vibes. She extends her hand out to me as a sign of greeting. "Hi there, my name is Isabelle, but my friends call me Belle." I shake her hand. "Hi, I'm Victoria"

She smiles then turns to Kyle. "Is she a new recruit?" she asks curiously, Kyle shakes his head no. "No she's Xavior's girl" Isabelle looks at me shocked. I nervously laugh.

She speaks up again "Well then what brings you here pretty lady?" she asks me nicely. "I wanted to check out the dancers since I'm too scared to start with training" I say shyly feeling like a chicken.

She laughs and brings me under her arm. "No worries Victoria, pole dancing brings a new sense of confidence and strength to a woman. But we don't only do pole dancing, we teach dances such as the Tango or Salsa. That's to help us in undercover missions." she ends of with a wink.

I stare at her, amazed at how calmly she spoke about undercover missions. The mere thought gives me goosebumps. Kyle speaks up" she won't be learning pole dancing, Xavior would kill me. "

Kyle then walks over to a seat on the side of the room. He sits down and begins typing away on his phone leaving me with Isabelle.

Isabelle faces me and begins to talk. "So basically, I help out around here by improving technique. I watch the dancers and tell them how to fix themselves so that they appear as professionals. In this line of work, an imposter can easily be noticed."

She ends of saying and begins to walk away, I follow her like a lost puppy. I notice a handful of women and men learning the Tango, I think. Curiosity gets the better of me and I ask Belle what's the point of them learning The Tango .

Belle stops walking and turns around to see what I was speaking about. She smiles and begins to explain. " Well in a couple of weeks, there will be a ball."

Im still confused and Belle seems to notice my confusion. She giggles and continues on. " Someone sent an anonymous email to Boss about a ball of an upcoming mafia, since it was anonymous the computer geeks had to find out where it came from. But it came out clean, no surprises, no threats. But Boss doesn't feel comfortable so he asked us to learn various dances so that we could go undercover, since only a limited amount of people are allowed to attend. "

" We are basically the entertainment that will protect Boss if anything goes south" she explains. I am completely left stunned.

I look around the room, not knowing what to do next. Isabelle takes my hand and leads me to the group that's learning The Tango. I let her lead the way.

When we get to the group, Isabelle speaks to the choreographer while pointing in my direction. I cannot make out what they are saying. Isabelle calls me over and I wonder over to where they are standing.

The choreographer eyes me up and down, making me self conscious. Her dark brown eyes and dark black hair that's pulled up in a high bun really intimidates me, considering she looks older than me. She speaks in a strict manner.

"Buon giorno, sai come riprendere velocemente la coreografia?" I stare at her, not knowing what to say. Isabelle laughs and tells the lady that I'm English.

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