chapter three

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*Kates pov

I wake up from my nap and see Blair getting dressed.

"Where are you going?"

"i'm going to hang out with my friends and try not to get killed well im gone"she said in a joking tone

"yeah haha very funny"

"well i'm going to head out see you later"she walked out the door

I look over and see her leave the door.I have not gone into little space while so why not she came back really late last night so why not.I hoped of my bed and went into the bathroom to change into a pink bunny onesie.I grab a sippy cup and fill it up with apple juice.I open up my laptop and put on 365 days i know that is not a movie i should watch in little space but i have heard so much about it i just had to.In the middle of the movie I hear a strange sound from the bathroom but ignore it and just continue watching my movie.I hear a loud bang coming from the bathroom.I jump from the sound,I guess I have to investigate,so i grab my bear captain cuddles and my pepper spray and slowly walk over to the bathroom,I start to hear these weird noise.I slowly open the bathroom door and see a really handsome man laying passed out in my bathtub, i walk over to him and see there is blood coming from his side,i put down catiton cuddle and the pepper spray and tap this man's shoulder he doesn't move.I grab him by the shoulders and pull him out of the bathtub.I get him onto my bed and i'm out of breath gosh he was heaven.I lift up his shirt and see that the bullet went all the way thought and it looks like it didn't hit anything so i clean up the blood and grab a first aid kit and start to sew him up the only reason why I know how to do this is because my mom is a doctor.

As I'm finishing up I take a good look at this guy, wow. He looks to be around my age, he has dark black hair, a chiseled face and his body is like he came down from the gods. He does look a little scary though his face looks angry. He is sleeping.

I looked at the time and decided I was just going to order some food and I don't think it will be a great idea for this guy to wake up and he sees me in a baggy pink bunny onesies so I change into a long blue sweater and some jeans. I sit in my bean bag chair and order one x-large pizza with a lot of cheese and some cheese bread.I was watching the rest of the movie when i heard a knock on the door and get up and grab some cash i walk over and open the door and pay the guy for the pizza.I turn around with a pizza boxes in my hands and see the large guy fully awake and trying to sit up.i set the pizza down and run over to him.

"Hey take it easy you lost a lot of blood."

"Oh I'm fine, worst things have happened to me, little girl,"he said in his raspy voice.

"Fine bleed out what do i care" i said pouting and walking over and plopping down in my chair


Sorry for this being a little late and not so done but i hope you enjoy i will have the next chapter out a little fast because this is late. PLease tell me what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. This would help a lot.

Thank you

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