battle for possession

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"You might not change the past, but you may learn something from it

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"You might not change the past, 
but you may learn something from it."

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Thea had been sat on one of the benches back on the ground floor, in a position directly in front of the elevator doors so that she wouldn't miss anybody as they left.

She'd been using the time alone to think about her actions and while she didn't regret standing up to the man – the absolute, scathing dickhead – she did worry that she'd messed up Five's plans.

Though I'm reaaaally struggling to muster up any repentance for giving him a well-deserved smackdown. Seeing him sat there, so gobsmacked that someone was actually talking back to him...that image will live goddamn rent-free inside my head for the rest of my life.

If anyone were around to see her face, they would be worried about the sadistic grin tugging at her lips. However, Thea was alone and so nobody could witness the brief slip of maddening gratification cross her features. The purring of satisfaction.

The ding that resonated through the room followed by the elevator doors sliding open schooled her features and Thea rose to meet the rest of her siblings. She noticed the dour expression Diego wore as well as the pensive looks of Luther and Allison. Vanya looked overwhelmed in general.

Thea peeked behind their forms in an attempt to find Klaus and Five but her eyes only landed on the sight of her twin, collapsed on the elevator floor with his head thrown back and his face lax. She sighed.

Walking forward as they all tumbled out, Thea looked up at Luther. "Drunk?" she asked, nudging her head towards Klaus.

Luther nodded with a sheepish expression as he watched his sister bend down and begin to pull him from the ground. 

"I can help-" he tried to say but she chuckled, waving him off with an easy-going smile.

"No worries, I've had to do this more times than I've had hot meals. Trust me, he pushes 140lbs soaking wet," she laughed and, to Luther's surprise, easily lifted her brother from the floor and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"If you're sure," Luther said, watching Thea support Klaus' weight and take them both out of the elevator. He kept his hand firmly on the door, refusing to let it close until they were both safely out.

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