Top 10 best moments in THE LOST SON

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Author's note:

Because I cannot let go of this book so easily, I thought we should all go down the memory lane, and remember the best moments in The Lost Son. 

So I have selected the best ten moments based on the number of comments, but also based on the buzz that particular scene has generated. Funny enough, the most talked about moments in this book were not related to magic or Fantasy, but rather to real human emotions such as love, loss, forgiveness, and suffering.

Moreover, I will give you some "behind the scenes" info, what inspired that scene, or what song I was listening to while writing the scene. 

Disclaimer: I don't own the copyrights to the pictures and clips accompanying this chapter. The pictures I use are only generic and might not look like the characters or the situations described in the book. 


10. Billy and Andrew kiss (from the chapter Issues)

This was not so much of a surprise for the fans because these two always seemed to have some sort of an electric energy when together. And although they both had their fair share of mean in the book (at least in the first half), they proved that love can bring out the best of us.

Andrew got up and came to him. Billy was resting his head against the wall next to him, his eyes closed. Andrew slowly turned Billy towards him, grasped his face in his hands and looked into his eyes.

"I do trust you," he said, stressing the words. "If I could, I'd take you with me and we'd get away from here. Away from everyone and everything ..."

Then, as if it were the most natural thing, he locked his lips to Billy's. Billy tried to resist him at first and pushed him away. But Andrew came back and kissed him again. This time, Billy gave up resisting and kissed him back. It was an insatiable, breathless kiss from both of them as if there was no tomorrow; as if their lips separated, the world would come to an end. When their lips finally parted, they just stood there, motionless as if for eternity, their foreheads glued to each other and their eyes shut.

 When their lips finally parted, they just stood there, motionless as if for eternity, their foreheads glued to each other and their eyes shut

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9. Ben crashes the Spring Fling (from the chapter The Spring Fling)

A lot of things happen in this chapter, the most notable being that none of the characters had the partner they wanted beside them. By the end of the chapter, at least two of the characters got to be with each other, turning into one of the readers' favorite couples. And all these thanks to Ben who was brave enough to show his feelings to the girl he liked in front of the whole school.

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