39. dinasour cockroach !!

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I watch him making dinner , he works with so Grace and perfection.
He looks handsome even while cooking , with some beads of seat  on his forehead .

What a sight !

We continued our chitchatting while he cooks god knows what .

After some time when he was done ....I helped him to set the dinning table.

He cooked scrambled eggs , veggie  fried rice and some pasta .

As he takes a seat beside me, I smelled food , and swear to god it smelled like heaven .

It's not like I have smelled heaven , I mean no ! I haven't
,But it was so so ....amazing .

So I give a voice to my thoughts
" Smells amazing "

He smiles at me and helped me with some

I scooped a spoonful of rice and as soon that enters my mouth , a moan escaped

" It's so good ....I didnt imagine you could cook so good ! "

He chucked " am a man of talents ! "

I smile at that and replied with
" You know what , you should leave your company and become a chef ...you'll do great ....and I'll be your first customer !! "

He laughed aloud at me

" You think am kidding ??! No!!am hell serious !"

He stop laughing and answered with " how could you be my customer ??! You are my wife so I can't take money from you !! "

Well ,that makes a point

I think for a moment then replied with" don't worry ! I'll call all  my friends !!... that'll be good ! "

He laughs at me again
" You really wants me to be a chef ?! "

" Am just suggesting you, it's your choice !!....now stop talking and let me have this amazing food !!"


I came out of bathroom after a quick shower and then I see him,

It was unusual , he usually come back to sleep when I am already slept , today he is here  early

Maybe he has no work to do !
That's absurd , he always have something to do ! Even he has nothing to do , he still can find something !

Or may be he is tired today , he even cooked today !

Yea! That make sense , he is tired !!

I move to my vanity table ....and applied some lotion .

I look at him through mirror , he is already laid on his side

Suddenly he looks towards me I averted my gaze quickly and then he speaks

"  Why do I think Something is missing today ?! Something is really  missing !! " He said looking at me through the mirror , a glint of humour in his voice.

And I burst into fits of laughter.
He was referring to my prank .

I didn't planned anything for him today !!

It really has become a part of our life

Even he missed my pranks !!
We both laughed at each other.

After sometime when I was done with my lotion , an idea pops in my evil mind .and I shout loud

" Aaaaaaaaaahh !!!! "I closed my eyes....and ran to the other side of bed then I jump on bed like a kid . 

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