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"I'M GOING TO MISS you, bestie," Alex pouted as he pulled Elisabeth in a hug.

They were all standing in the frontyard to say goodbye to Elisabeth, Ava and Mia, the sun high up in the sky now despite the early morning and their smiles just as warm. Ella had slept approximately two hours and somehow felt worse than before, Levi standing beside her and looking like he was in a similar state. Though Alex had complained about getting out of bed, he was still the most lively at the moment, even Will beside him muffling a sleepy yawn with his hand. Ava squeezed Will's cheek with a hand affectionately, chuckling at the bright smile he gave her.

"You have known this girl for about two days, Alexander," Levi commented.

"You have known this girl for about two weeks, Leviander," Alex countered, gesturing at Ella.

"Hey!" Ella exclaimed.

"Stop calling me Leviander," Levi scowled.

"That's the part you have a problem with?" Ella said, raising an eyebrow.

"If it clicks it clicks," Mia smiled," time is of no matter then."

Elisabeth nodded happily at that, before taking Alex' hands in hers. "Next time I'll show you my dog," she promised.

"You have a dog?" Will said with wide eyes.

"A Golden Retriever," she beamed.

"In a way you're my Golden Retriever, William," Alex said.

Will placed a hand on his heart, expression touched.

"Alexander, you flatter me."

"I can't help but imagine you guys like spoiled, rich kids with your full names," Ella said with a shake of her head.

"My parents really tried to ruin my future as a delinquent," Alex sighed," thank God for my quick thinking, otherwise people would have called me Alexander my whole life."

"It actually was because Levi was too lazy to say the full names," Will said," so at a certain point everyone just followed along."

"Why am I not surprised?" Ella said as she leaned against Levi's shoulder, glancing up at him. "Is Levi short for something?"

"No," he said, scowling at his friend," but Alex makes it a different name every time to mess with me. There are seriously people out there who think my full name is Leviander Balthasar, because he shouted it at me multiple times in St Joseph."

"I regret nothing," Alex grinned.

"You know these fond nicknames of yours started the rumor you were cheating on me with Levi," Ava drawled. Alex blinked at her amusedly, but Levi frowned in confusion, looking like he had never heard about this before. With a smirk Ava continued, words as smooth as ever. "I of course confirmed them."

"Alex couldn't even get me," Levi huffed.

"Let's not go there," Will said.

"Too late," Alex said, holding up a hand," we went there and we're going to crash together."

He parted his lips to say more, but Ava shushed him with an absent-minded glance. Her eyes turned clear again once she looked at Ella, a sigh leaving her lips.

"Escape now while you still can, new girl," she said," they're very much crazy."

"I love you too, Av," Will beamed.

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