Prologue Junior Cup

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(A/N) I'm going to put this out there right from the beginning, so I really don't want to see toxic comments later on. This is an alternative timeline, because Pokémon has done that before if you've played the games. So Ash within this fan story is going to play a supporting/ Secondary character. I get a lot of compliments about this, especially in my SAO story, but again, it's the type of story I prefer and enjoy writing. So if that's not what you are into, that's completely fine, but don't leave multiple toxic comments because of it. Also, I would hope you watch the anime, because I will be skipping around a bit.  ⚠️⚠️⚠️ALSO, THIS STORY IS STILL VERY MUCH A WORK IN PROGRESS. I WANTED TO RELEASE THE PROLOGUE TO SEE HOW EVERYONE LIKES IT OR NOT. REGARDLESS, I WILL BE DOING IT IN THE FUTURE. SO PLEASE DON'T KEEP ASKING ME TO UPDATE IT. IM STILL VERY BUSY WITH IRL STUFF AND ONLY HAD A LITTLE TIME TO MAKE THIS PROLOGUE. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

No one's POV

Currently, within the Unova region, the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup hosted by Unova League Champion Alder was getting ready to get underway. As Ash and his friends go to register they found Alder talking to the Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia.

Alder: You're as beautiful as always, Cynthia. What do you think? Let's ditch the tournament and have a meal together.

Cynthia just smiled at Alder.

Cynthia: Feel free to do so alone like always.

Alder just started laughing, hearing her response.

Alder: I can't get enough of your coolness!

Dawn: Is that the Champion of Unova, Alder?

Iris: Uh, y-yeah...

Cilan: He is, but...

Alder: Then how about having tea at least?

Cynthia: Persistent men are prone to being disliked.

Ash: Hell-

Trip: You haven't changed, Alder.

Both Alder and Cynthia looked over and saw everyone.

Cynthia: Oh? Who are you?

Alder: Uhm... Err... Who are you again?

Trip: Trip.

Alder: Oh, right, right, Triston!

Trip: It's Trip.

Ash: Trip, are you going to enter, too?

Trip: Ash? The winner gets to battle Alder. It's basic.

Ash rolled his eyes and looked over at Alder.

Ash: It's been awhile, Alder.

Alder: Oh, so you're entering as well, Ashton!

Ash: I-It's Ash...

Trip: Alder, please wait for me to win the Tournament.

Alder: Oh, young boy. You wanna fight?

Trip: Yes. And then I'll make sure to battle and win against you, Alder. I'll prove with my prowess that you're a person of the past.

After his declaration, Trip left the group.

Ash: What's with him?

Iris: He hasn't changed.

Dawn: Did something happened between that kid and Alder?

Cilan: Somewhat, yeah...

As everyone was talking, Cynthia had noticed a boy that looked 15 years old,

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