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Bonnie has one of the classrooms set up for us in no time. With the help of her date, Jamie, she has surrounded us with a beautiful assortment of unlit candles. I snap my fingers and they flicker to life, illuminating the room and allowing for some extra elemental power for her to draw from.

"Okay," Damon begins to get our attention, "once you get the barrier down, Klaus and Clara can take out the wicked witch while Stefan and I get Elena."

"Do you even know where they are?" Elena's brother, Jeremy, asks.

"We can figure that out as well," I answer.

All eyes are on us now as the room falls silent. I can feel Klaus's eyes glaring from across the room, but I'm certain it's meant to be threatening towards Bonnie, even though all the pressure has already been forced on her enough. It's stressful being the witch who always has to save the day, but she also has to worry about her best friend that was taken.

I grasp onto Bonnie's hands to connect our magic and begin the spell. Jamie and Jeremy move to stand a few feet away from us to keep an eye on her, per my request. I look toward the crowd of vampires behind them to see my own two supporters watching me. One of them even gives a reassuring wink.

As the chanting begins, we are automatically hit with a powerful magical force that is holding up the barrier spell. It's interesting that my ancient magic is struggling against it, but it soon becomes clear that this is not just Esther that we are up against.

I sense Bonnie shift uneasily as the power struggle continues. She's pushing herself so hard, but it's not going to be enough.

"It's too strong," I hiss, exasperated.

"Are you even trying?" She questions.

I don't take offense to her statement, because it does seem like some of my power is already preoccupied with something else. I do a quick self-evaluation and even call out to the rest of my magic to bring it forward for use, but it's nowhere to be found.

Either way, Esther is channeling too much for us to handle on our own. Bonnie must know this too, but she presses on anyway.

Jamie must have noticed the witch's sudden shaking as we are met with even more force from Esther's side, "She does this all the time, right?"

I noticed his human aura right away, so it was a bit of a surprise when he came along for the supernatural part of the night. It's not only him, but also Jeremy and Matt who have grown to be involved.

A new voice enters the room, but I can't concentrate on both anymore. We're failing to break through the spell in every regard. Bonnie drops our hands and stops chanting to listen to the outside conversation.

"Matt and I can leave, we can stop Esther ourselves. We just gotta find out where she is," Jeremy suggests.

Stefan shrugs him off, "It's suicide, Jeremy."

"Suicide would be disappointing me. How much longer is this going to take?" Klaus growls, strutting over to Bonnie angrily, "Work your magic, witch, or I'll start killing people you fancy. Maybe start with this chap."

He gestures to Jamie and I have to put myself between them to ease the human's terrified expression.

"Niklaus... stop torturing the mortals and let us do this," I say softly while placing a calming hand on his bicep. "You know I will not let you touch either of them. Back away and let us do this."

Damon lets out a low, satisfied whistle as Klaus stands down. Bonnie sends me a suspicious glance, which is a bit strange as I just saved her man by taming mine.

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