Chapter Forty-Two

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I was just applying my nude pink lipstick, the final touch to my subtle and glowy make-up look, when my phone dinged as it received a text message. I dropped the lipstick on the bathroom counter and retreated to my bedroom, grabbing my phone from off my bed to see a text notification from Xavier.

"Are you ready?"

I typed back that I am.

Barely two seconds later, the doorbell rung. The sound echoed through our barely furnished apartment all the way to my stomach, where it twisted into a knot.

This wasn't our first date, but for some reason, I was so nervous my hands were trembling.


I forced myself to inhale deeply, feeling the cool air travel through my windpipe to expand my lungs and wash the trembles away.

"You ready?" Ariel's head popped through my bedroom door, her eyes taking in my appearance. I wore a red flowy dress that fell a little above my knees with black boots, and was going to top it off with my black leather jacket. My hair fell down into loose locks, and my make-up was subtle with only mascara and some highlight and light blusher on my cheeks.

Ariel's lips formed an O-shape, and when she inhaled I knew she was about to blow a whistle, but I was quick to shush her. She stared at me confusedly, but I just shrugged my reaction off.

It's not like I could tell her Xavier had superhuman senses and would inable him to hear her from two walls down.

I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder, and as I passed her on my way out my bedroom, I leaned in and whispered, "wish me luck."

Ariel winked at me. "Blow his mind away."

I giggled giddily, like an excited school girl whose finally scored a date with her high school crush.

When I reached the front door, I inhaled deeply to prepare myself to face the man whose eyes could send my knees shaking, and my heart erupting into a thousand butterflies. When I finally opened the door, Xavier stood patiently with his hands in the pockets of his black dresspants. He wore a clean black tuxedo, looking ravishing.

When his silver gaze fell on my brown ones, my heart melted in my chest.

His lips curved up into a small smile. "You look as beautiful as ever."

I felt a warm blush creep up my cheeks, and was glad I had gone easy on the blusher - my natural blushing will be more than enough for the evening.

"Thank you."

Xavier offered his hand, and I took it. The moment our touches came in contact, I felt the familiar sparks ignite beneath my skin, traveling across the length of my arm. I followed in his steps as he led me to the elevator, and motioned for me to go in as he held the door open. And when I passed by him, a gush of air brought to me his mahogany scent, and its familiar warmth wrapped around my heart and reminded me of all the reasons moving to this place was the right choice for me - it meant I'd be that much closer to the man I was beginning to fully accept as my soulmate.

Because what other title could you give to a person who makes you feel things you never imagined to be humanly possible?

When we reached the ground floor, Xavier and I walked past the front gates and found his black Range Rover parked right at front. He was quick to hold open the passenger door for me, and I smiled at his never-ending chivalrous acts.

When we began driving down the roads, Xavier's voice filled the space around us.

"How was your day spent?"

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