Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

When I reached the entrance of the building. Elder Bertha, James and Charlie were already waiting for my return. Charlie ran up from his spot to me and hugged me. It caused the bracelet to burn into the skin.

Seems like when Charlie touches me, the bracelet burns me instead of tightening. Talon you were always jealous about my relationship with Charlie. Though there is something you didn't know about that relationship. Something you won't know for a long time and there was no point on you trying to break it.

Charlie puts me down and looks at me.

"What happened?" He whispered looking at me in concern.

"Later, in my room." I whispered back causing him to nod.

I walked up the stairs to where Elder Bertha and James were. Bertha gave me a hug where else James just gave me a pat on the shoulder.

"I'll assume that you did well on this task." Elder James said.

"Of course she did well. Who do you think trained her?" Elder Bertha argued with Elder James like always.

"If you 2 want to flirt then please be but don't block the way in." I said causing Bertha to turn pink and James to look the other way.

You could hear Charlie laughing behind me. Even though the bracelet wasn't burning my skin anymore, it was still quite tight.

"Valentine!" Bertha shouted at me causing me and Charlie to laugh.

"Well I'm sure that you would like to rest after that long journey." Elder James said getting out of the way.

"Thank you." I said before going to my room with Charlie.

When we reached my room, I used my key to unlock my room. I opened the door with Charlie behind me. I switched on my lights to see that everything in my room was in order and nothing was touched.

Charlie seats down on my bed while I closed the door and make sure that it is locked. I come over and sat across Charlie.

"What happened over there, Winter? Did you get hurt? Did Duke hurt you? If he did tell me so I'll kill him." Charlie said holding both of my hands in his.

Though his hands weren't as warm as Dukes but it brought a sense of comfort and protection. It was something that Charlie always brings when he's near me. I always feel protection when he is here.

"I saw.." I said looking at him.

"Saw who?" Charlie said looking at me with concern.

"I saw Talon again." I said watching Charlie's expression.

His concern expression turn into a cold and hard one. His facial features became stiff. His grip on my hands tighten and there was no longer any sense of comfort anymore.

"What did he do?" He said through his gritted teeth.

I pulled my hands out of his hands and pulled my sleeves up to reveal the bracelet on my wrist. Charlie looks down on the bracelet with a sharp look. You could sees the marks from it and burns.

"Did he gave you that?" Charlie asked.

"He did. When I touch a boy or man, it will tighten on my wrist." I said.

"Winter. Why? Why would yo- Was this how the problem was solved? You gave part of your life away to save those people who were cruel to you because you were different. Why?" Charlie asked me while I look away from his eyes.

If I did I knew I would break down and he couldn't hug me to comfort me.

"I had to. If I didn't they would hate me and then there will be even more hate. Not to me but to everyone in the council. To you and the other elementals. I had too. I was my fault that Talon is like that." I mumbled.

"No one said that it was your job to protect us. Just because you are the way you are doesn't mean you have to protect us. If you can't protect yourself how can you protect us. You will suffer Winter. I don't want you to suffer." Charlie said.

"But... I need to do it. It's why I live. I can't ignore things like this Charlie. It's not me. I can never leave someone to die or get injured. No matter how many scars I get. I would be happy because I saved someone." I said to Charlie.

"But at the same time you will be suffering for other's happiness. Winter sometimes you are to kind. You can't save everyone." Charlie said.

"I know but if they are happy. Then it's worth it. Everyone deserves to be happy in this world." I said.

"Everyone and you, Winter." Charlie said causing me to look at him.

"I know that but my happiness is everyone elses." I said.

"Even that bastard. He's a sociopath, Winter. He's not right in the head and his has this obsession over you. That is not healthy." Charlie said telling me the truth.

"You don't understand. You don't get it. How I feel when I can't help someone who needs it. I know Talon is a sociopath but he needs help. No matter how sick he is." I said.

"Winter. You're too kind to see that there was no way of helping him. Now that you have the bracelet, you will have to start avoiding Duke." Charlie said causing me to look at him.

"I know you have some kind of bond with him but that bond will perished because of this bracelet. Do you really want that?" Charlie said.

"I don't know." I mumbled.

"Now I can't comfort you and it's my job. I have to look after you and your well being. If only you let me come with you." Charlie said.

"I'm sorry, brother."

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