43. Reality

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Samuel's POV

I watch her walking out of my cabin .I sunk back to my chair .

What did i have done ??!

Why this has to happen !!

After a month , she takes that decision which I was unable to take , she decided to give us a chance .

She came here to talk to me about our marriage !!
And what did I done to her ?

I hurted her !
I broke her trust !!

She trusted me and I broke her trust , even if I didn't mean to do it but it happened because of me !!

Yeah ! It's all my fault .

The moment that door opened ,I was shocked to guts . I wasn't able to understand what was happening !! What was she doing here ??? Why does she came to meet me and why didn't she told me !

But look in her eyes broke me , I didn't knew why ,but I felt my heart constricted mercilessly , it pained as if my heart has been ripped out of my ribcage .

Her eyes showed hurt !
As if she was broken !
She struggled to keep her tears and she succeeded

She is indeed strong !
She blinked her eyes may be to check if she is dreaming but the moment her eyes opened her eyes carried that deep emotion which bleed my heart as she realises she is not dreaming .

At the exact moment Rose decided to broke the silence with her nonsense bickering , but I was not in a condition to get anything in my skull .

I just stared at her eyes soon that hurt turned to anger

Not for a second Amy backed down and at the end Rose left the room when she realises there was nothing that she can do .

But why does she acted innocent infront of Amy .
She questions me as if this all was my fault .as if I have called her here !

She manipulated every single thing and questioned me as if I were to be at fault .

That made my blood boil ?! Thats is one another reason why I hate female species, they are very manipulative , they use every single thing for their own good not caring about the other person .
I tried to control my anger not wanting to burst infront of Amy .

But as soon I tried to explain myself Amy didn't give me any chance.

But I didn't do anything , she accused me to be a cheater , I controlled the urge in myself from shouting and pin her at my desk so I can get her from stop shouting at me and explain her my condition .

Never in my whole life anyone shouted at me , and she was the first yet I controlled myself from bursting at her .

But I lose myself when she accused me to be a man-whore .
Does she really believe that I am ...

And I did the most unfortunate thing in my life , I shouted back at her .

And she told me , she never wanted a divorce ! That made me feel the happiest man .but why ??!

That day when I shouted at her she told me she wanted me to regret my decision so I thought she meant that I regret my decision to marry her and let her go . but she doesn't meant that .

I remembered the last one month I spend with her , she always does something un-expectable , she carries a light with herself and brightens everyone's mood .
She is as innocent as a child .

She made me experience feelings which I never felt , she made me smile, hell she even made me laugh . With her I enjoyed every single damm minute .

I started living my life like a normal person , I was no longer that loner Workoholic guy who seems to drown in files every day .

I loved making her laugh , I loved chasing her in my house , her laugh filles my ears like a music .

What did have I done ??!
I lost the one person that make me realise what happiness really is .I didn't know what she meant to me .? What we were ??! But surely as hell I didn't want her to leave me.

This all happened because of Rose !! If she doesn't come to meet me today then everything would've been absolutely fine .
I hate that girl !!
I hate myself for even knowing her .


I was working in my office as usual , I was rechecking the file for my meeting in the evening .

Suddenly , the door of my cabin swung opened , I looked up to see who dares to barge in mh cabin .
And I found her

Rose Williams .

The girl I've been avoiding from past one and half month. Yes , I have a crush on her but that was in childhood ,I was a stupid little boy back then ,I didn't knew anything back then but now when I met her after years , she just made me doubt myself .
Was I that stupid to have a crush on a girl like her , she was clearly a money minded girl , she was pretty and she surely used that .
She was nothing but a spoilt brat .

" Rose !! How did you came in here ??I mean , What are you doing here ??! " I asked surprised

Without even asking for my permission that girl launched herself on a chair infront of me . completely ignoring the fact that she just barged in my cabin as if she owned it .

" Hi Sami ! It's so nice to see you , I missed you so much that I couldn't help myself and see , here I am !! ....and how I am here because its lunch break and your staff is off to cafe !! "

I mentally cringed at the nickname she used to call me , and what does she mean by missed me ??! We just met thrice that too not more than 15 minutes . And here she behaves like she has been living with me from past 15 years .

"I see , you have been busy !! " She smiled

" Yeah , someone needs to work to run the company !! " I mutter back at her.

" You know , I was thinking why don't we go out for lunch today ??! " She asked

" I am busy ! "

" Oh good ! So we'll go for dinner tonight !! I know , a fancy restaurant opened a past week and my friends said the food is amazing in there !! "

Is this girl that dumb ?? Can't she get the clue ??

" I can't , I have plans !! "

She stands up slowly and walked to me " sami , i thought about your proposal , and I am really happy to know that you liked me for so long !! And I am ready to be with you !! No one has ever liked me to the extent you did ...you found me , just to be with me !! "

I quickly stepped in her train of thoughts which is full of rubbish .
" No no no no ! You are misunderstanding Rose ! I never loved you !!...yes , I found you but it was nothing special ! And this can't happen , what you are thinking it's impossible and I am mar- " my words get stuck in my throat when she suddenly jumped in my lap .

And she placed her finger in my lips trying to be seductive.

" Nothing is impossible !! " She said and kissed me on my neck .

What the hell this girl is doing . I hated myself for having a crush on her .

And I quickly put my hands in her waist to push her away from me ! To het that girl off me !!
But she seems to be glued to me , I hold her waist tightly ready to peel her off me .

And at that exact blood moment the door to my cabin open again .

Why do people forget that I am the boss , they can't barge in my cabin when ever they want .

As the door opened ,I hear that sweet voice that belong to my beautiful wife
" I thought you'll be missi- " she trailed off at the sight infront of her.

Her eyes grows wider and I push rose away from me


What will Sam do now ??!
How will he make amy understand that what she was was not true !!

Will Amy be able to trust him ever again ??!

Let me know about your views in comment section !!

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