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Intro begins

Y/n was walking towards Beacon with his team,alongside with his sister and her team. Next it shows him fighting off Grimm and White fang with a righteous Fury. After that he is shown to be sitting outside while someone is with him as they lie down resting her head on his shoulder. Then it shows imperial vessels in space as the adeptus astartes of the Silver Bear and others make their warp jump into the unknown. Lastly he is shown to look up at the night sky as a growl of a mighty bear is heard as he says these words.

"I will never fear what lurks in the darkness. For I am my father's sword and the Imperiums Shield. I will fight the enemies of mankind in his name. To serve and protect the citizens of the Imperium. For I am my father's son and always will be. Nothing will stop me no heretic,traitor or demon of making my dream come true. I will never stop fighting for my father, the Imperium,for Arterious, Remnant,my sons,my family,friends and those I hold dear. This is who I am. Y/n Rose Primarch of the XXI Legion, will give the light of hope to those who need it. As the mighty beast, I will stand tall and valiant as the bulwark against terror. For I shall know no fear."

Intro ends.

Imperial Palace in Terra

The two Adeptus Custodes who were guarding the golden throne, where now the emperor sits. It has been 10 millennium since the Horus Heresy. Where the legions split, but they dont all follow the Codex Astartes that Guilliman wrote. Instead the majority follow the one that Y/n wrote, the codex imperialis. That each chapter can have up to 5,000 active Space Marines.

As well there are other rules that each chapter must follow. Like never revere the emperor as a God but as a human. That's just one of the few examples of what's in the Codex. It has helped keep the chapters from falling to chaos. This was his final gift to his sons and brothers before he fell in battle.

The Custodes has always held Y/n and his sons in great respect. Ever since the legions fell to chaos. Y/n and the Silver Bears Legion has always fought them on every world they attacked. Always being the last ones to leave the battle. As well gaining victory when the odds where against them. With the Primarch leading his sons into the fray.

Though, they sense something change. Like a warm feeling is surrounding them. But what caused them more shock is seeing the golden throne with the Emperor there, light up in a silver fire.

Custodes: By the Golden Throne what is happening brother?

Custodes2: I dont know brother.

It wasn't the end as their eyes under their helmets widen, by what the see. The Emperor has begun to regenerate his organs,muscle skin and the chair is changing as well to accommodate with the changes. After the fire left now the Emperor has been restored to his former glory. As his eyes were closed with a tear dropping down his face. With a smile of a proud parent as the fire he recognized it anywhere.

It was the same fire that refused to die.During the darkest days of the Imperium. The same fire than gave hope to billions and was feared by the Chaos gods,the traitor legions,daemons and the most evil hearts.

Emperor:(whisper) My son you have awaken.

Back in Remnant at night five weeks later

Being in beacon has been a wild ride for Y/n. After his team was made and the next day. He felt, his connection to the warp return and he still wonder how can it be. The warp has barely any connection to anyone in the world. Now that it's back he needs to be careful using it. He doesn't want to attract to much attention from anyone, especially the Headmaster.

Y/n didn't trust the Headmaster one bit. He can feel that he's hiding something big and it could lead to everyone in danger. That's why he wanted to become stronger to be ready. During the time he got to know his team, Jeanne Arc,Pyrrha Nikos, Nora Valkarie who were his teammates. Turns out Pyrrha's family adopted Nora after her father, found her in the destroyed village from Grimm.

They both were close as sisters, it was funny to see their personalities clash. Jeanne Arc his partner came from the famous Arc family. She wanted to be a huntress to help people in need. As well for her to be her own person. Thankfully her family understood and prepared her the best they can.

Y/n: How did I get lucky, to get her as my partner.

As he reminisces how they meet. Even his sister, and her partner didn't get a long but seems like they are getting better. That's all he can ask, now we see Y/n training outside at night where there are no cameras around he checked.

He can feel his body changing as well. His eyes can see the night clear as day. As well his senses were improving also. If he had to guess his mortal body, is slowly changing back to the one he had as a Primarch.

Still he shook his thoughts as he returned to swinging his sword around, practicing his swordsmanship and uses the range to keep up his accuracy. Now he looks at his blade and focuses his warp energy. Soon a silver fire glowed around his eyes as, his sword ignited with the same color fire.

Y/n: Looks like it still works. But it doesn't feel right. I still need to train harder. Maybe I can experiment, using warp energy and infuse it with my dust rounds.

As he was thinking what he will do. He heard footsteps approaching him. He quickly stop using his power as the flames vanish. Then turn to see his partner Jeanne in her pajamas looking at him in worry.

Jeanne: Y/n are you alright? I notice you weren't in our room sleeping in your bed.

Y/n: I'm sorry Jeanne. It's just I couldn't sleep, and decided I could practice a bit. Also it is a bit uncomfortable to be in the same room with three girls.

He then went to sit down as he drank a bit of water. The Jeanne walked towards him as she sat down next to him.

Jeanne: Its fine, though if you have a bit of trouble know that can always count on me.

Y/n: Thank you Jeanne, that means a lot.

He then gave her a sincere smile. Though she had a bit of a blush appear on her cheeks.

Jeanne: W-Well it's natural since I'm y-your partner.

Y/n:(chuckles) True but, are we also friends?

Jeanne: Of course we are.

They smile as the look up the night sky. Taking in the stars and the broken moon.

Jeanne: The stars do look beautiful tonight.

Y/n: Indeed they are.

Jeanne: Do you ever wonder what's out there? Beyond our world ,that there might be life.

Y/n: Don't we all Jeanne.

Jeanne:(chuckles) True.

In truth he did know. As he experienced it all first hand the cruelty of the universe. But as well its beauty and that made it worth to defend. Soon he felt something on his arm and turn to see Jeanne fell asleep on his arm. That made Y/n look a bit surprise, but checked the time to see it's very late.

Still he moved some of her hair away from her face. Seeing her in a calm state did his heart good. As he doesn't know why but, he can feel his heart beat faster when he is near her. He went up and slowly picked her up, bridal style. As he made way to their room quietly to not wake her up.

Once he arrived, he open the door slowly and put Jeanne on her bed. And cover her in a blanket. He return to put in weapon away and cleaned himself up a but. He turn to look over to his partner and said in a whisper.

Y/n: Good night Jeanne. (Though) I promise one day. I will show you the stars and space so you can see their beauty. That I swear.

Soon he fell asleep, unknown to him that his own sons will meet, to discuss the dream that occurred. This will cause a chain reaction that will not only change Remnant's fate but the universe fate as well.

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