Chapter 69

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Chapter 69


"Si Cyriel?" I asked Clarence who was then reading a portion of the broadsheet.

He turned around and seemed so surprised to see me, "Dana," he stood up and motioned me to sit on the chair adjacent to him, "back too soon," he commented.

I just arrived here in Manila few hours ago.. with Nof.

Andy didn't come with me because of some issues. I would admit that i am disappointed and at the same time jealous of the attention Glorie is getting. When I saw Andy consoling Glorie, i kind of felt like i should be the one he's attending to. I know it is f.ucking wrong to feel that way since i know.. i really know that i am the one who broke him and Glorie was the one who was there for him when he needed someone the most. But i wouldn't be a hypocrite by saying that i am really cool with it because the hell i am not!

With all the things going on, i feel like i don't know myself at all. One moment i love Cyriel, then the next one, i am jealous of Glorie. I cannot understand myself at all!

Is it possible to love two people at a time? Before, i thought that that is f.ucking ridiculous. How could that happen, right? Loving two persons simultaneously? What a piece of But with what's happening to my crazed world right now? I believe that crap. I love two persons.. but not equally. I love the other person more.. But i don't know who.. And i need to find out before it's too late.

"Yeah, need to arrange some things," i said, "si Cyriel?" i said, repeating the question.

He eyed me, "what do you want? Honest answer or flattering answer?"

I sighed, "honest answer, Clarence."

He, then, showed a crooked smile, "Payatot, check up, do the math," he said.

I nodded. So, he's in the hospital.

"Thanks, Clarence," i said.

But before walking out of their door, "please talk to Kim. Just hear her out," i said. My love life is a mess right now, pati ba naman kila Kim? I said those things to Clarence para naman makapag usap sila. They really need to fix whatever issues they have. Tho, i believe that it's just a misunderstanding. Communicating would really help.

-Sara's Apt-

"Dana!!" she said then ran to me and hugged me tight, "bakit nandito ka na?"

I placed my things on the table and sat on her couch, "may gagawin ako eh," i said.

"Ano naman yun? Importante?" she asked.

I nodded, "yup. A life changing matter," i answered. I looked around her condo unit and l didn't see Kim. I thought she was here.

"I texted Kim."

"She's not here. She's with Bryle, you know, the f1 racer guy," she said as though she wants me to remember that guy.

"Ah, yeah," i said, "with Bryle? Eh di mas lalong nagalit si Clarence?"

She shrugged, "no comment about that one, Dana. You missed a lot of things while you weren't here!"

She fed me with the things i missed while i was not around. Apparently, Kim went to Canada just days after i left for Miami. And there's a new b.itch around named Sage. I would really like to see that Sage for myself and b.itch with her but i don't have the luxury of time. Time is ticking and i need to make a decision.

After all those things, she asked me, "playtime's over, why are you back too soon?"

I tried to smile but i guess that didn't work. Sara knows me too much that she knows whenever i am hiding something.

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