The talk

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        Raynas POV

           I walked into the house Immediately being hit with thousands of smells. I noticed it as I was leaving the clearing It was like I could smell Everything . 

One scent however stood out among the rest , It was like A cold thunderstorm in the spring . Thats the best way I could explain it. But...

Its Intoxicating 

I found myself following the scent ending up at the bottom of the houses main stairs. At the top however 


Why does he smell so nice now? Not saying he didn't smell good before , but now its different in A way.

I found myself wanting to be closer to him Scarlett stirring in my subconcious . 

"Mate." She said snapping my attention back to the events that led to me 'awakening' scar in the first place. 

His anxious eyes met mine and he visibly relaxed 

" Do you want to ta-."

"Please.. come here ." He interrupted me his eyes never leaving mine , the desperation in his voice more than evident.  Was he worried ?

I couldn't help the butterflies that formed in my stomach at the thought,


"I will , but we're going to talk first . " I said before brushing past him and heading up towards his office ignoring the sparks that ignited where our skin touched. 

walking in, I sat down on the couch across from his desk .

His face fell when He saw how far I was sitting and it made me want to go and sit on his lap as a reassurance I wouldn't leave him 

 But I needed answers

He sighed sitting in his chair his hands folding over one another .

"What do you want to know?"

Straight to the point ? That was easier than I thought. 

"Will you tell me whatever I ask ?" I spoke making him tense before returning to his calm facade something unknown however flashing in his eyes.

"I will." 

"What was that downstairs?" 

He tensed his hands gripping into each other so hard I was worried he might break them. I watched as he visibly got angrier by the second ,scarlet whined wanting to comfort her mate. 

"We can skip for now only because I'm tired and Id prefer to not find out I'm sleeping in the same house as A possible yakuza member." I said pressing my finger tip to my temples.

He relaxed nodding . I'll Press another time, I wonder why he was so angry

"You're the Alpha right ?" I asked getting a nod in return.

" So since Im your mate .. would I have to meet them? Your pack I mean..." I never did well around many people so It'd be better If I could start mentally preparing myself for something like that now. 

He looked shocked by my question but still answered. " Yes you would, It wont be until you feel you're ready though so you don't have to worry about that now ." 

He looked happy that I had asked in A way. 

"How big is A pack ?" I asked him 

"Well.. typically A pack has a couple hundred members ." He starts making me let out A breath of relief I didnt even realize I was holding . I could probably manage that .

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