Werewolf!Cole X Reader: Alpha

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Howling broke through the chilling air around the Monastery, a shiver dancing through your skin as a ghost escaped your lips when you breathed.

"The wolves are active tonight." Zane hummed, wiping his forehead to rid it of sweat. Despite the cold air, the ninjas were coated in sweat, panting while goosebumps rippled against their skin after training endlessly.

Nodding in agreement, you turned towards where the howl began, staring at the fading colors of the sky.

"They've been active for a while." You mused, propping your hip with a sigh. Running your hand through your h/c, h/l, hair, you hissed at the pricks of pain that erupted from your skull. A particularly fatal knot forced a groan from your lips, your other hand coming up to pull at the knot. "We'll have to watch them and make sure they don't get too close."

Large fingers pinched the knot, your body going stiff as they worked out the knot.

"Don't worry Y/N." Cole's voice spoke from behind you, his large, slender fingers combing through the knot-free lock. "They probably won't come too close, sure they might get curious, but they're too cautious."

You quickly nodded, his large arm, taunt with muscle, draped over your shoulders. You stumbled slightly as he pulled you to his chest, heat pulsing from his skin. Blood rushed up to your neck, burning your skin as it went.

"Y-Yeah, I guess," The mumble left your mouth. Forcing a playful smirk, you shoved his arm off, holding your nose. "1) That was weird, 2) Go shower, you smell."

Smiling, he slipped by you, heading for the showers with a tired sigh. A deep breath passed your lips, praying for your heart to slow its pace. Jay chuckled behind you, earning a gentle elbow in the ribs.

"You're whipped." He snickered in your ear, earning a harder elbow.

"Shut up, Jay. I could say the same to you about Nya." The joke earned a sharp glare and hued cheeks. Grumbles mumbled from his mouth as he stomped away.

Chuckling, you went to your room, flopping down onto your bed with a sigh of content. Jay was right. He always was when it came to romance, for some reason. You were whipped. It was hard not to be. Cole was kind and witty, confident, and accepting. Not to mention, his body was a definite plus.

But you could never tell him.

You were just his best friend.

It's been that way ever since you could remember. Cole had popped up in your village, a small sack on his arm. You were poor, sleeping in alleys and running from bullies. When you had first met, he protected you, fighting away the bullies as they kicked and punched at you. When he told you about his path, you immediately grew to like him, pleading with him to take you with him, which he eventually agreed to.

Ever since then, you had been a tag-team, fighting unjust enemies and laughing around campfires and invited tables. When Sensei Wu came into the picture, you continued traveling alone, learning different ways of fighting and helping those in need before Sensei Wu brought you into the gang.

That was only a few months ago.

Now, your old feelings have resurfaced, threatening to overflow with every touch he gave you. The last thing you wanted to do was ruin your friendship with pesky feelings, so you kept your mouth shut.

Another howl sang through the empty air outside, a shiver dancing in your skin. It was closer than the others, almost outside the Monastery. The very thought had you shooting from your bed, throwing on comfortable clothes before bolting out of the Monastery.

The chilling air slapped you, freezing your skin despite the thicker outfit. A flash of movement caught your eye, disappearing into the woods. You followed it, leaping over roots and fallen trunks.

The figure stopped in a wide clearing, the pale moon creating a silver spotlight. Pausing in your step, you slipped into the shadows, peeking at the figure. Your eyes went wide.

It was a wolf. A giant one at that. Its fur was a mixture of smoky and onyx black, its paws large and wide. A long tail whipped behind it. Raising its head, a long, low howl sang through the cold, quiet air, breaking the silence and sending shivers down your spine. Howls answered him, other wolves appearing from the surrounding bushes, ranging from silvery-white to almost blue. It was apparent who the Alpha was, as every wolf bowed their head to the onyx wolf.

Craving a better look, you crept closer. Without warning, the giant wolf snapped its head in your direction, snarling past a wrinkled muzzle. A curse left your lips. Every wolf looked toward you, growling and barking.

Deciding that you would rather not get mauled by the beautiful creatures, you bolted, leaves crunching loudly beneath your feet. Thundering pawsteps vibrated the ground beneath you, barks and howls chasing you as they gained. You cursed the chill. The cold bunched and tightened your muscles, and it had been a while since you've trained in the cold.

The thundering paws grew closer and closer, your teeth gritting as you pumped your legs harder. Glancing to your side, you noticed wolves dashing through trees. You cursed. They were going to surround you.

Ahead of you, bushes parted, the Alpha leaping into your path. The dirt rubbed against your heels as you skidded to a halt, crashing to the ground just as the wolf pounced.

Its large paws landed beside your head, the wrinkled snout puffing hot air against your face. You swallowed, your body beginning to go numb when the growls suddenly stopped. The wrinkled muzzle smoothed, it's large head tilting before the wet tip of its nose rubbed against your cheek, sniffing you.

Deciding that your confusion was best left inside, you laid still. Finally, it lifted its head, barking at the pack. Thuds echoed in the air before it went silent. The wolf was still above you, it's hot breath warming your face.

A jolt ran through your skin as the fur began to recede, bones cracking and shifting, the muzzle shrinking into its face. The result left you shocked.


His eyes were distant, unfocused as he nuzzled your neck. "My mate...my pretty mate."

"Cole?" Your call went unanswered, his lips ghosting your neck as he continued to mutter sweet words. "Cole, wake up."

He began to blink, the chocolate shade of his eyes brightening as he focused on you. A gasp of horror left his lips as his eyes widened.

"Y-Y-Y/N!" He started to scramble off of you. "I can explain--"

Grabbing his bare shoulders, you stopped him. "When were you going to tell me you were a werewolf?"

The question caught him off-guard. "Why would I tell you?" He looked away, beginning to grumble. "You would have hated me."

Your chilled hand cupped his jaw, tilting it back to your eyes. "Im not running right now, right?"

Slowly, he nodded, his eyes glancing at your lips before he flushed. His lips parted. "I-" A swallow bobbed his throat. "I, I love you Y/N. I was so scared, I didn't want to tell you, I didn't want to ruin our relationship, but I can't hold it anymore."

Blinking, you allowed the softest of smiles onto your lips, ghosting his own. "I love you too, Cole."

A soft sigh left him, his warm forehead resting against your collarbone. His hands rested on your hips. "Will you, will you, do the honor, of being my mate?"

You smiled again, brighter than the last, as you whispered your answer. "Yes."

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