chapter 46

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I see the smile fading from her face , and a sense of happiness rain through me.

Now ,Taste your own Medicine .

But she didn't let go and started with , " so what are you doing here ??! "

Oh oh what do I say now ??!
That I actually ran to ignore you and stupid boyfriend but just a moment ago my cheater husband knocked some sense into me and now I am back on the track ??!

I think that would be very poor choice of words .

I was still planning on a good excuse when Mr dumbhead said
" We just need a moment alone !!right baby ?! " He smile down at me .

So. He can be helpful some times .I never knew a husband just for name ( at least that's what he thinks about me , a wife just for name )  can be really very handy sometimes .

But what did he just called me

that's something new !! But I still think my naming skills are better than him .

" Right !! " I also showed my teeth
to give them a look that am smiling .

"  you two can have all your alone time at home , now come on in !! " She said enthusiastically .

Oh, so she had obviously planned a whole night for me !

" We'll be right there in five minutes  ! Just want some moments with my beautiful wife !! " Mr dumbhead said sweetly looking at me .

What ? Beautiful!!
So now I am beautiful .well ,he seemed to be forgot about me in his office .

And he obviously knows that I am on mute terms with him . So what is he trying to do here ??

" Offcourse , she's all yours !! " Brittany muttered

" That she is ! " He smiled back

What ?? Am a property now !!
That belongs to him.

" So now that you stopped your silent torture , I think you could listen to me ....I wanna clear everything out ! "

What silent torture ??!
That wasn't a torture !! I was stopping myself from bursting at him .

" But I don't wanna listen anything from you !! What you'll say ? Huh ??.... you really have huts to lie through your teeth , when I obviously saw everything   , there is nothing to explain !! And you think you are different from that douche bag Inside ....NO ! You are nothing different from him ! " I snapped at him

" I know , you are angry but Just listen to me once !! Then you'll understand !! "

" Look right now , I don't want Brittany to give a single chance to say anything to me ,so I am just heading inside if you want you can accompany me or else don't waste my time and energy in you !! Okay ?? " With that I storm inside .
And he follows me.

" Just stay near me !! " He says in my ear as we stand in the hall 

Now , why would I do that ?!
I look over at his face he was staring at Liam with his jaw clenched .
He doesn't like him ? But why ?

What do I have to with that !

We all enjoyed cake cutting and that was really yum , but jen was not in mood to eat that . And I have to make excuses for her , like she wanna have some space for the special couse today and she don't wanna get fat and she is on special dieting , obviously That's was a secret .

Because I just made that up.

Soon everyone started having food . And everyone  served their partners .
Jenna looked at her plate which were filled thanks to ethan cause he don't like the idea about Jenna being on diet .
I laugh at them and turned to see Mr dumbhead adding some mushroom balls on my plate .

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