Chapter 11 - Reactions

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Namjoon went on Twitter. He couldn't believe what had happened. He just wanted Jimin and Jungkook to share a quick peck. Not a full on kiss and then have the need to take it to the bedroom! He just hoped that ARMY were okay with it. They will probably have a lot of memes of his face contrasting to Jimin and Jungkook behind him.

He signed.

"I can't believe them!" Seokjin said from beside him on the bed.

They didn't have to share rooms but they wanted to and now that the whole group knows about them, they didn't have to find excuses for why they were in each other's rooms or sneak into each other's rooms. They felt like birds set free. They didn't have to keep secrets anymore. They could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted and they won't be judged by their band mates but outside the dorms, they are still friends. Nothing more. Just friends.

"Yeah I'm just checking Twitter but it's still loading," informed Namjoon.

"Okay," Seokjin replied and placed his head on Namjoon's chest. "By the way, my heat is in a few days again and I think this is the one where mine and Jimin's heats clash."

"Okay. I'll be ready like always," Namjoon said looking into Seokjin's eyes and kissing him on the lips. "So it will only be left with Tae, Yoonie and Hope."

"Yeah," Seokjin said nodding. "Anyway, read me some tweets."

'Aaahhhh! I can't believe it! It is happening.'


'Take that Yoonmin-ers, Taekook-ers, Vmin-ers! I always believed in Jikook and look! Ha!'

"And they posted a picture with it," Namjoon added showing it to Seokjin.

"And they posted a picture with it," Namjoon added showing it to Seokjin

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"They had the guts to screenshot this moment and crop you out," Seokjin said laughing. "Ouch."

Namjoon laughed along, "Yeah ouch!"

Namjoon continued reading tweets and looking at the pictures with Seokjin for a few more minutes.

"I'm surprised no one so far has said anything bad about it," Seokjin said.

Namjoon looked at Seokjin, "I'm sorry. I didnt want you to worry so I didn't read any negative tweets or comments. It's better you don't see them."

Seokjin sighed, "I understand. I wouldn't want them to see them either. I think you should post a tweet apologising for it."

"Yeah, that's a great idea!" Namjoon answered and began to write a new tweet.

"Done," Namjoon said and began to read it to Seokjin. "ARMY, I am so sorry for what happened in the Vlive. It was meant to only be a small quick peck... but it turned into something else. I apologise for the two. Jimin and Jungkook are right now unable to apologise themselves but please accept mine instead. Again, I'm sorry."

"Yeah that sounds good and it will ensure that they don't do it again by embarrassing them too," Seokjin said nodding.

"Posted," Namjoon said. "Come on, let us get some sleep. We have dance practice tomorrow morning."

Seokjin nodded in agreement and snuggled into his boyfriend's chest.

"I love you Joonie."

"I love you too Jinnie."


Across the corridor, Taehyung lay under the covers of his bed and was on his phone.

When he firstly came to bed, he was just scrolling through Twitter and he saw a lot of tweets about 'Taekook' then he did the obvious and searched it up because he just wanted to know more as it involved a part of his and Jungkook's names.

He found pictures and he eventually watched some analysis videos. He was quite impressed with the conclusions that were drawn in the videos that he didn't even notice. They were all just so close and touchy with each other that he would have thought it would be too difficult to depict which was a couple and which wasn't.

After he got bored of the videos, he went back to looking at pictures of 'Jikook' which was the most popular 'trending' on Twitter right now. As he was scrolling through the pictures, he accidentally clicked on one of the pictures but he waited for it to load thinking more pictures would come up once it finished.

After a few seconds, a page loaded up and it said '' on the search bar. It looked like a story website and the chapter was called 'Jikook's Sleepover'. He scrolled down as his curiosity got the better of him and he began to read.

'Jimin walked into Jungkook's house and looked around at the splendor of the place.

"Wow Koo, this place is amazing!" Jimin said. "I would love to live here!"

"Well we are having a sleep over so it is kind of like living here so its your place too," Jungkook said. "Come on I want to show you my room."

The couple'

Taehyung stopped.

He was on a fanfiction site and this was a story about Jimin and Jungkook. He wanted to stop reading but there was something at the back of his mind telling him to continue so he did. (A/N: Sorry Tae but once you JimIN, you can't JimOUT.)

'The couple went up the stairs to Jungkook's room and sat on the bed.

"I'm so happy that your parents let you come for a sleepover. Do they still think that my parents are at home?" Jungkook asked.

"Yeah. Why aren't they here?" Jimin asked confused.

"No they had to go on a business trip and will not be back till next week so it will just be me, you, Jin and his boyfriend Namjoon.'

Taehyung paused again. So this person also shipped Seokjin and Namjoon. Well they were on the right track. The story was really interesting and Taehyung didn't want to stop maybe once he finished the chapter, he will read the story from the beginning.

'They will probably be in Jin's room all tonight and Jin will make breakfast then we can go out and do bowling or something." Jungkook said.

Jimin nodded. "Okay."'

Suddenly, the door to Taehyung's room opened and he quickly got rid of the tab and pulled up an old tab which was one of their older dance practices.

"Taehyung are you awake?"

It was Yoongi.

"Yes hyung," Taehyung replied slightly annoyed.

"I just wanted to tell you that I was just on the phone with Sejin-hyung and he said that he would like you to be in earlier that the rest of us if possible so that you can practice for Singularity before the main practice with everyone instead of doing it afterwards." Yoongi said.

"Okay, I will," Taehyung replied.

"Good night," Yoongi said then closed the door again.

"Night," Taehyung replied just before the door was shut.

He turned back to his phone. How was he going to find the story again? Should he search up Jikook and try to find the picture? Or should he go on the website? Will it be easier to find the story on there?

He looked at the time. 23:34pm. He should get some sleep. They all have a long day ahead of them tomorrow and he will find a way to finish reading that story.

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