Chapter 5

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Cover to the right is made by DemonGirl :)


John's POV~

I stared wide-eyed at Amanda, my mouth hanging open in shock. Amanda Rose, my little sister's best friend, was looking... dare I say it... hot!

She was in this tiny black dress that hugged her curves perfectly, showing off her mile-long legs. Her shiny brown locks hung pin-straight down her shoulders, reaching just below her well-developed chest.

My eyes slowly moved up her body and connected with her light brown eyes. They lit up for a split second before she turned around, going back to the guy she was dancing with.

Wait a minute... guy?

Since when was she with a guy? And why the hell is she dancing with some random guy she just met? He could be a creep for christ's sake!

I watched as he got closer to her, rubbing his hands all over her, grinding against her. Just as he was about to move his left hand up a little higher, Amanda shot him a dirty look, smacking his hand away.

He smirked, placing his left hand back on her. His lips moved as he whispered something in her ear, while his right hand kept going lower and lower, touching her thighs.

I clenched my fists, ready to punch the guy. He was practically raping her on the dance floor! Before I even had a chance to take a step forward to beat the crap out of the guy, Amanda smiled and jerked her knee up, connecting it with his stomach.

"You bitch!" the guy screamed in agony, drawing the attention of a crowd of people. He clutched his stomach in pain as he limped forward.

"I'm a bitch?" She raised an eyebrow at him. The crowd of people watched as they waited for her next move. "You're a freaking ass! When I say stop, you better stop or else!"

"Or else what?"

"Or I'll kick you again, but this time I'll make sure I don't miss."

He looked at her funny, before his eyes went wide, realizing what she meant. He grumbled a quiet sorry as he limped away, disappearing into the sea of people.

I laughed, shaking my head. Looks like Amanda hasn't changed at all, she's still the strong girl I knew she was.

"Um... will that guy be okay?" Jeyleen asked, a bit worried. "It looks like Amanda kicked him hard."

I waved my hand back and forth. "He'll be fine." But then again, it's not like I care about his safety. He deserves it for being a jerk. "I'll be back. I'm gonna talk to Amanda."

Both Danny and Jeyleen nodded as I headed off in search of Amanda.

Spotting her dark lustrous hair across the room, I walked towards her, pushing past drunk couples on the way. When I was about two feet away from her, I raised my hand up, tapping her bare shoulder. She whipped around, and her face held confusion.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah... " The look was still plastered on her face. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because that guy..." I pointed to the direction the guy headed off to, "went overboard."

"I'm fine," she assured me. "I wasn't going to let him take advantage of me. I just wanted to dance, and he didn't understand that."

I grinned, getting an idea. "Well, if you want to dance, why not dance with me?"

She gave me a 'what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about' look. "Dance with you?"

I shrugged, my shoulders raising higher. "Sure why not?"

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