chapter 47

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After some time when he calm down , we head to his fashion department .... to find if we can see any thing that can find that bloody traitor , but there was nothing we can find , they checked CCTV and we got to know about that Camera in that room was not working from past two days . For which he shouted at every single person present there.

I don't blame him .he is right , he don't pay all his employees to be lazy ass and chill out in working hours

I suggested him to check some rejected designs again , so if we can use them with mild moderation .

I was actually surprised when he smiled at my attempt to help him and bought it.

When I digested this fact , so I thought I can help him more in this matter as it's my obsession .
And I know pretty much about fashion word.

We came to mu cabin which is on the same floor as his .
He did frown when I passed his cabin and dragged him towards mine but kept his mouth sealed.
I made him sit on the chair and he complied.

I pull out a file and pass it to him , he frowned.

" This file consist information about some good designers ,I think it'll help you can hire someone from them " I put my thoughts forword with the file.

He took that and go through the content. He firstly frowned but didn't questioned me , for which I was thankful . I've never told anyone about dream , and these all was my homework , as wanted to learn this from one of them . So I can acheive dreams , but was  never able to tell anyone what I have actually wished to be .

He was about to say something , when their was a knock on door and a girl appears in with a drawing book in her hands.

" Sir , these are some designs ,you can ha- " she was not even able to complete her sentence when Mr dumbhead spurred in his grumpy voice
" Let me see ! " And grabbed that drawing from her hands.

He looked at them appreciatively , and turned the page to next.

It was impossible for me to sit in my chair , so I stand behind him, for which he shows no reactions of un-liking .

As I take a look on that design to study , I found something weird .

" Don't feel offended dear these designs are very beautiful but don't you think these look  exactly similar to the new collection of Ella Geller ( I just made this name up ....and if you find any famous or infamous designer with a similar identity that is totally a coincidence ) ....I agree she is very good at her work but we can't steal her designs ideas , that are good  for inspiration ... We need to do something new !! "

Till then I was finished I found Mr dumbhead was looking at me as if I have grown an another head.

" Yes mam ! I will work on some new designs !! " She said and was about to move out when I stopped her.

" Wait ! Use these if it help you come up with some good ideas !!"
I pull out my drawing book , on which I scribble to his week cause I was really confused . This two week has been in chaos and only drawing could get me to peace and make my mind clear.

Before she can pick that book up , Mr six packs pull that and check the designs .

Oh god ! I just draw them in frustration , what will he think of me , if he gets to know that I drew them all.

I don't want h to know that I am terrible at this .... So what do I do ?? What will say now ??

Oh yeah !
He don't know these are mine ....and if I don't tell him then he will never get know .

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