A chaotic Morning

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Raynas POV 

      You can sleep my love


"Rayna DONT I cant explain it right now but you're just going to have to trust us." Chi pleaded 

I felt a pull towards the void that felt as though it was surrounding me on every side. 

It was suffocating.

Help me ...

I plead mentally to no one in particular . I couldn't hear Chí or Scar anymore , it was as thought the darkness was swallowing me whole.

maybe I should accept it 

The solid ground under me felt as though it was  caving in slowly transforming into a thick dark water.

it'd be better for everyone this way right ?



I cant .

I cant leave them. 


A familiar voice called out to me. 

Like magic A bright light appeared as if beckoning me to come. I struggled to pull myself out of the murky substance surrounding me. With every step I took being resulted in ripples as I walked towards the light. 

The smell of  A cold rain 


It was distorted but I could hear again .

I could hear him 

I felt myself being pulled into a hard warm surface and I found myself slowly bringing myself closer to the heat source. 

"Angel Im going to get you from under here okay ?" He said , he sounded extremely worried.

It was quiet for A while ,I could feel myself returning to the present piece by piece and more sounds and smells came to my senses.

I was placed down on something soft the warm feeling leaving my body .

Im cold now..

As the feeling slowly returned to my body ,I reached around for something finding something similar to what I was holding wrapping myself around it.

It smells so good...

I smiled subconciously . I miss him... I need whatever this is to be over . 

I felt my body being lifted and I clung to him in frustration.

Dammit stupid eyes open 

I was slowly being submerged into A freezing liquid and I felt myself tense up as I was flooded with the memories of the black liquid.

As if it was A trigger my eyes slowly fluttered open 

I was in A tub of Ice water and I looked up A worried Alois's Eyes met mine

 I felt myself tearing up.

"Al.. whats happening to me?"

I don't want to cry again, I cant be weak, he's already worried.


Without thinking I splashed water on him 

Dont cry 

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