49. start over

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Samuel's POV

"Umm....okay "she said softly
And her words made a sense of relief flood through me.

It was overwhelming !

I quickly hug her again, and that feeling of having in my arms was just unexplainable.

I don't know why but I want her always with me , this makes me feel at peace a
nd happy.

But my happy was short-lifed when she suddenly pulled away and my brows frown on their own , clearly not happy with the distance between us again.

But why ??

" What happened ?? " I ask

She looks confused , like debating over the fact if she should say something or not.

I won't eat her , if she ask me ....she is never scared of me then what is bothering her now ??

" What is it ??....tell me....you know ,you can say me anything! " I told her softly so she may gets comfortable and open up with me .

" umm....you'll answer me truly ,right ?? " She says staring staring in my eyes as if looking for her answer.

I nod my head

" Why that flower named vampire ....I mean lily...daisy.... Dahlia...umm...jasmi-" she keep trying to remember her name and I shook my head everytime answering her silently that she is wrong .

But , flower named vampire !!
Where did that came from??

I control the urge to burst into laugh , she I really cute ....and now she I irritated cause she can't remember her name .

Finally I cut her off and corrected her
" Rose "

She frowns and glares at me
" I don't care what her name is ! "

I mouth her a " okay "

" Why did she said that you approached her , she said you wanted to be in a relationship with her ,did you ??...and if yes , then why did you married me ??! " She questions me

I was shocked , how did I answer her that I was selfish enough to use them for myself .
She'll hate me for this ,for her entire life.

I can't take that , I can't tolerate her hatred towards me , these past two weeks has been hell without her , without her smile .

I realised that how much she had become a part of my life , her smile, her pranks ,even her stupidity makes so much happy .
I love her craziness , the way she enjoy every moment .

But I can't lie to her either, she deserves to know tge truth , it will be her decision rather to forgive me or not.

" I think , its the time to tell you mh reasons ! I can't keep secrets from you ....but please don't ignore me after this ,okay ? "

She looks at me concerned and even a bit scared for what's coming next.but instead of all that she says softly to reassure me
" I promised you that I'll never ignore you ....just like two minutes ago !! "

I chuckle at her words , as she tries to lower tge tension in air
And then sighed
" Okay so, I approached rose for the same reason I married you ! " She looks utterly confused at this.
Her eyes goes wide open but she kept looks at me as.if motioning me to continue.

" I was never intrusted in wasting my time on girls !....i wanted to take my company to top and I did ....I worked day and night , skipped my sleeps and meals , I even started new branches....and right now , knights are almost in every department...." I started explaining from the beginning.
I worked my so hard to be on this position , to make my company so much successful .

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