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Seconds passed and I didn't feel any pain again. I cleared my eyes and my muscles got stiff.

I noticed I was hovering over a man.

He had tousled dark black hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were a hypnotic deep crystal blue.Flecks of silvery light performed ballets throughout. His face was strong and defined, his features moulded from granite. He had dark eyebrows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. His lips had drawn into a hard line across his face. His perfect lips are ripe for kissing. When our eyes meet each other, I feel time stop. Everything pauses, just him and me.

The crystal blue colour swirled into an Atlantic blue as he gazed at me. I could feel myself becoming hypnotised by the changing colors.

I could see wind-stirred waves in his eyes. If one were brave enough to enter their depths, all else would blur, and you'd fall so deeply in love that you'd choose to stay there, no matter what. Of that, I'm completely sure.

"What the hell, girl, if you don't know how to ride a bicycle, why the hell do you ride it? What if something happens to my favourite car?" he snapped with his jaw clenched.

He squinted at me through hardened eyes that once had been my salvation, but now they brought only unfounded accusations. Their colour had only yesterday reminded me of my seaport home, gazing out to where the blue of the ocean blended into the blue of the sky. Now they were simply chilling. Every muscle in his face was tense and without a word he communicated intense mistrust, anger, and despising. He was glaring at me, seething, clenching his fists rhythmically...

His sudden outburst took me back, and even barred my teeth after hearing his ugly words.

"You know, it's my eyes, so my wish where I wish to look and my legs wherever I wish to go. It's none of your business, Mr. whatever your name is, I don't care," I snapped at him with clenched fists.

"Did you have mental issues? Because of you I am in this condition," he barked with a dry mouth.

I noticed he was wearing a maroon expensive Armani suit, but his hand was bleeding, of course, because of falling on the hard surface of the road, practically because of me. Even though I am hovering over him, it's so intimate.

"Oh, so sorry," he said, and got up from behind. I extended my hand to him to help him, but he abruptly stood by himself, rejecting my help.

Whatever he thinks of me, the truth is he is injured because of my stupidity. Even though blood was coming out of his hand, he didn't even let a scratch come to me. I am perfectly fine because of him.

"You are hurt." I cried out, and took his hand to examine the wound, but he quickly snatched away his hand from my touch as I was about to burn him.

I don't need your help. I will take care of it by myself, "he snapped with bared teeth.

I closed my eyes, breathing deeply. One, two, three, four, five. I noticed a clay ball beneath my feet; I crushed it so hard by cursing in my heart. It's practically my mistake. I should be grateful to him rather than be angry with him.

"Please, let me at least examine your wound, otherwise it will catch something serious," I said, second-guessing the consequences if I didn't treat his wounds. What if he catches serious infections from wounds?

He stared intensely into my eyes. Something flickered in his beautiful crystal blue eyes, some unknown emotion. Before I could read it, it again went into his usual cold, emotionless eyes.

Don't you understand? I don't need your bloody help. Get lost from here, "he sneered at me."

"Listen Mr., I AM GOING TO EXAMINE YOUR WOUND, DON'T YOU DARE TO REFUSE ME," I said, thrusting my chin upwards to him, who seemed surprised by my outburst.

I led him to his car; it is that LEXUS LC, which handles this mess, but how beautiful is this car, ugh my obsession?

I opened the door of the car for him and made him sit there. "Um, you have to pull away from your suit so I can properly see your wound and treat it." I asked him, and he sighed and started taking off his suit. I helped him do it when finally he took off his suit. He was in a white shirt. Even from the shirt, I could see his perfectly sculpted abs and Greek God body like bliss. Wait, what was I thinking? No, he is a jerk but still my saviour

I unbuttoned his shirt because his elbow and lower hand were injured; he was staring at me without blinking his eyes. Did he ever blink? I thought

I took a first aid kit and took cotton and dripped it into antiseptic.

"It will hurt a little, but trust me, not much," I said to him, and he rolled his eyes while tapping his foot.

While I was treating his wound, I felt his eyes on me the entire time. I looked up and noticed he again had emotions in his cold eyes.

When he noticed me, his eyes again darkened. He looked away from me, with fidgeting muscles.

"Get out," he barked at me...

I frowned, confused. "W... What?" I ask, gripping the hem of the bandage in my hand.

You saved me from that freaking accident, Mr. Unmannered jerk, or I also don't know how badly I made your condition by talking to me in such a rude manner.

He closed his eyes, and his hands clenched into fists. "I said get the hell out. I don't like to repeat myself." This time he replied loudly to me, with bared teeth.

I quickly got out of his car as he said to me, and a man in his late thirties came running towards us. He is in a white uniform, like a driver.

"Sir," he says, bowing slightly.

Mr. Jerk and I took some steps back to turn around and look away.

"Blake, to my penthouse," he ordered, and Blake quickly ran towards the driver's seat.

Mr. Jerk rolled close to his car's window.

I cupped my elbow with one hand while tapping my lips with the other.

The sound of the car started to eavesdrop into my ears.

I stared at Mr.Jerk already in the car, but like he realised something, he quickly snapped his head in my direction, just as his cold eyes met mine.

I felt my breathing growing faster and more audible. Something was there in those beautiful crystal blue eyes, and after some seconds, the car was out of my sight like it never existed.

I pity poor Blake. How can he even tolerate that, irritated by everything in this world, 'Mr. Jerk', my cheeks dimpled at my thoughts? I should not think like this. He saved me from the accident.

I can't even say thank you to him. He saved me from getting hurt, but how can I? He didn't even talk properly to me, and besides this, why is he so rude and cold towards me? I shook away this thought.

Well, it seems like I have to take the subway to my apartment.

I shrugged and went towards the subway station.

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So my beautiful readers how is this Chapter 2 please comment and tell me guys

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