old meets young

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---> Important note regarding this chapter! 

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---> Important note regarding this chapter! 

This is the first chapter in which the ending will diverge, or 'split'. 
This chapter and the following ones you read will be t
he real, canon ending (the same as the show and also the ending I will follow if I write a season 3 for this story).
The 'happy ending', which is just like a side-story for those of you who were sad for Ben's end and wanted something fluffy to read in addition will be added at a later date as bonus chapters, whenever I can find the time :) (J
ust keep in mind this 'happy end' is not the one season 3 will be following!)

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"Now what?" Luther was the first to ask once it dawned on them that the briefcase had truly disappeared.

"Now nothing, Luther! All right? Make your peace with God!" Five yelled in frustration, pacing back and forth and scowling as he spoke.

They hadn't seen the boy's temper escalate this badly before, even during the first apocalypse. Thea guessed it was a combination of anger, adrenaline, disappointment and simmering guilt at being unable to get them home.

This wasn't something you could have predicted, Five. Please don't beat yourself up over what you can't control.

"Well, what about Allison and Vanya?" Luther asked.

And Diego, Thea chimed in mentally but thought better of interrupting them both after seeing their expressions.

"Screw them all!" Five declared angrily. "They should have been here."

"What about Diego?" Klaus spoke her thoughts and for once, Thea was glad. "He's quite the responsible young man, no?"

At the reminder of yet another sibling who had failed to meet the simple deadline set out for them, Five lost it and kicked the side of the dumpster, taking his frustrations out on the boxes littered around.

"Something must have happened to them," Luther tried to reason, echoing Thea's earlier words.

"Screw Diego! No, screw everybody! I was better off on my own in the apocalypse!"

Five's words hit Thea hard, who couldn't hide her wounded expression when the boy's sight fell on her.

Logically she knew he was only taking out his anger, saying things he didn't mean in the effort to vent – after all, hadn't he sacrificed so much already just to give them the opportunity to return home? – but that didn't lessen the sting.

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