[18] Happy One Month

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Happy one month anniversary.

I see the message displayed on my phone's screen right before I'm about to jump in the shower. The message is from Archer of course because the only person I'm somewhat dating is him. In fact, it's crazy to think that we've been fake dating for a month, a whole month. It feels like so much longer and yet I've still not charmed him quite enough. I still barely know about Archer in general and yet he seems to know every aspect of my life.

I shake the thoughts out of my head and finish up with my shower, wasting water definitely wasn't on today's agenda.

Once I've dried myself off and have partially clothed myself I take a step into my closet. I look for something appropriate to wear for the occasion, perhaps I could wear a nice dress today.

After several moments of debating, I pick out a casual black dress and denim jacket combination. I pair my outfit with a pair of cute and comfortable black sandals. Overall I have created a cute and simple look, allowing my makeup to stand out. A natural makeup look would be appropriate, but I would enhance certain features in particular today.

I apply a coat of mascara before taking a step back from my room's mirror in order to check out my entirety. I look pretty good, a bit happier too then how I was a month ago. Whether I would like to admit it or not... Being around Archer made me a bit happier. Archer was certainly more pleasant to be around and think about in comparison to Ryder. I couldn't quite figure out exactly why though.

As I'm putting on my sandals I hear a knock on my bedroom door. I open the door to see a smirking bad boy who's holding a dozen red roses, the same red roses that my corsage had.

"Happy one month anniversary, Grey," Archer says, his smirk turning into a smile.

I give him a smile back and he hands me the roses in which I graciously accept. After breathing in their light fragrance, I place the bouquet in an empty jar that has been filled up with water from my bathroom's faucet.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, let's get to school before we get a detention or two," Archer states, gently pushing me out of my room and into my car.

In the time he's escorting me out of my room I manage to grab my backpack while he's grabbing my car keys. Whenever I'm around him I don't ever have to drive, personally, I'm not a huge fan of driving so it all works out in the end. I haven't driven at all for the past week, Archer coming by every morning on his motorcycle in order to pick me up. Now that I had my car back we could go in it instead.

This week so far had been relatively average, this Friday probably also following the previous days' trend. The days went by with the usual stares from others and flirtatious remarks from Archer.

"We babysit Sofia tomorrow," Archer tells me, reminding me of what I agreed to do with him when he was drunk and relentless.

I nod, knowing that I couldn't back out of this one.

"What's the plan?" I ask, the car stopping at a red light.

"My aunt is dropping her off at my house at ten in the morning because she's got some maternity class and then a doctor's appointment. If you could come before ten that would be great. My aunt will pick up Sofia at four in the afternoon and afterward we can watch a movie at my place or cuddle and shit," he tells me, I laugh.

After Sofia gets picked up he would be willing to 'cuddle and shit.'  The thought of us cuddling made me laugh, he did not look like a cuddle lover at all. A good kisser maybe, but I don't know about him being a good cuddle buddy.

Our conversation gets pushed to the side once we arrive on the school's lot. We arrive at school with ten minutes until the first bell, Archer walks me to my first class.

The same girl who originally asked me if Archer and I were dating sat next to me in class, looking at me with a kind smile.

"You two are cute, the bad boy and the good girl... How long have you two been dating?" she asks me as I get myself ready for the upcoming class.

"Exactly one month," I tell her with a similar small smile.

One whole month.

* * *

"You look beautiful today," I hear a voice say next to me as I shut my locker.

I look at the voice to realize its owner is Liam. He's got a genuine smile on his face and a nice blue shirt on that brings out his eyes.

"Thank you, Liam. A girl would have to be stupid to not date such a kind flatterer like you," I tell him honestly.

His smile fades a bit before replying, "You must be stupid then."

I give him a small smile; I surely must be stupid to not like such a great guy like him.

I walk with Liam to the cafeteria, spotting the table Arden's sitting at. She's got her earbuds in her ear and she's madly texting away, to Zac I presume. Recently she's been telling me how they've been chatting and that she's got a date with him this weekend.

Liam walks over to Arden and takes an earbud out of her ear to ask, "Arden, what if Zac turns out to be a big asshole?"

She takes out the other earbud, wrapping them around her pink cased phone. She also manages to roll her eyes at Liam's statement.

"You never know, I mean after all his best friend is the biggest asshole in the world," Liam says, not aware that Archer just arrived at the table and is standing right behind him.

Archer just simply taps Liam on the shoulder, Liam turning around with a deep sigh.

"The biggest asshole in the world that's dating Grey," Archer says with a dazzling fake smile in order to try and get under Liam's skin.

And it works somewhat because Liam bites his lip before muttering out a response.

"Fake dating," he mumbles.

My eyes widen a bit at the fact that Liam said it aloud in public.

"What? I didn't quite hear what you said, pretty boy," Archer says, taking a seat and gesturing for me to sit next to him.

"I said-" Liam begins, but before he can talk I take one of his hands and sit him down next to me.

I hope that he'll get the message that I don't want him to spill the beans.

"I said that you're dating her for now," Liam states with a forced smile, Archer shaking his head at the comment.

Arden laughs, a smug look on her face, I think she enjoys seeing the boys all riled up.

The boys indulge in a synchronized huff before they start to eat their lunches, the silence of us simply eating did not last for more than five minutes.

"Happy one month, babe," Archer says, placing a thin wrapped up box onto the table.

I give him a glance, he has a smile on his face as he watches my reaction to the gift.

I pick up the small box and begin to unwrap it, once I've taken off the paper layer it reveals a CD.

"The CD has the first song we ever danced to, it's the song that played on the night of my cousin's birthday party," he explains.

I turn the CD around, it indeed has the poorly sung song listed on the CD case.

I give a big smile, it was actually cute that Archer remembered the song we first danced to as cheesy as it was.

"You're lame, but thank you," I tell him, giving him a hug.

He's taken a bit by surprise by the hug I give him, reacting several seconds later. Once he does react he puts his arms around me firmly, as best as he can because we're both sitting down.

"No problem, only the best for my girl," he replies quietly into my ear.

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