Chapter 12 - A Unwanted Question

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After spending the weekend together, it was time to face the music Monday morning. Lily could tell that Jasper was manipulating the emotion of the coven to calm the others down and she was thankful. While he would be unable to continue when they got into town, she welcomed the minutes of reprieve. Alice and Lily were chatting about their upcoming tests. Edward, who had joined them at the table, remained silent. It was obvious that he was thinking about the new girl, but Lily had to tell herself that he would not have returned if he thought he wouldn't be able to resist.

Lily finished her breakfast and deposited her plate in the dishwasher. She grabbed her book bag and went to grab her keys from the bowl. Before she could wrap her fingers around them, they vanished. Emmett's solid firm was now in front of her. His smirk grew as he put his fingers through the key loop and swungs them.

"Now, who said you were driving again?"

"Me," Lily goes to reach for the keys and looks at Emmett furiously as he moves his hand above his head.

"Now cool off there Mini Rosalie. You seem too angry to drive."

"Am not. Give me my keys Emmett I'm gonna be late." Lily grabs his arm and starts pulling herself up on it. As soon as she gets close, Emmett swaps the keys to his other hand and drops his arm. Lily's feet fall loudly onto the wood flooring.

"Just for today. I don't want to ride in the Volvo."

"I'll let you ride with me gob, but I need my keys for that."

"No. I think we should just take a Jeep."

Lily glares before getting an idea. "Mom! Mom! He's bullying me. Make him stop."

Emmett glares at the girl as Esme comes into the room. "Why is it always you two? What is it now?"

"Emmett won't give me my keys. I need to go to school."

"I need to drive. If she leaves now, she will still be late. She drives soo slow. I just wanted to drive her today."

Esme weighs her options and looks at the time, "Lily, he's right dear. I'm afraid you waited too long. Let him drive you today and then I'll make sure you can drive the rest of the week."

"Fine." Lily huffed and moved out towards the Jeep. Emmett fist-bumped and moved to the driver's seat.

Lily moves to plug her phone in the aux cord as Rosalie joins them in the backseat. Lily looks at her questioningly.

"You think I'm riding in the Volvo with the others? They are like a ticking time bomb. I'll at least have some semblance of privacy here."

The two siblings nod in understanding and head towards Forks High School. Lily, still wanting revenge for Emmett's early antics waited until the perfect moment to craft her payback.

While Fergalicious blared in the Jeep, Lily opened up Instagram and went to create a new story. The video was focused on her face. She rested two fingers on her temple as she was leaning against the window. She waited until the "rap" started and started the video. Her eyes were wide in annoyance, Rosalie's body was visibly stretched out in the backseat, and Emmett's booming voice was loudly singing along to every word.

She posted it with the caption, "Payback is a bitch."

Lily hopped out of the car as soon as Emmett parked. She was thankful that they beat their siblings and she quickly walked into the building. She knew the other two would wait from the remaining three Cullens. She had no interest in watching if things went wrong. She didn't miss the way that Bella was watching her family from her truck or the way her eyes flew to Edward as she saw him.

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