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"I'm alive! Well, as alive as a dead person can be!" Sonic said the next time she came into the cell. "I know. You were so worried about me. I'm just the light of your life."

"Glad to see you don't entirely hate me," she said as the door slid shut.

"Nah, I decided to let it go. And, you'll be so proud of me, I decided to meditate." (Y/n) blinked.

"Really? And what sparked this?" She leaned against the wall, crossing her arms.

"Well, you do it so much that there's got to be something special about it, so I decided to try it. I thought I might try and get the ghosties to shut up." She almost laughed at his vocabulary had she not been so impressed.


"Well, they kind of screamed louder." He sighed, resting his head on his hand. "I thought for real that this could help me. I thought that maybe, just maybe, there was a way out." He looked up at (Y/n) with a half smirk. "It's a wild, wild world we live in, isn't it?"

"You tried it once," (Y/n) said, getting into a meditating position on the floor. "Do you think you could try it again with me?"

"Next time, bring a card game. Good old Sonic the Hedgehog would like to play a card game."

"If I do, will you meditate seriously with me?"

"I don't know."


"Okay, just for you, I'll try." He got up off the cot and thudded ungracefully into a meditating position. "But the quieter I get, the louder they are."

"That's what I'm counting on," she muttered to herself. If she could distinguish the ghost from Sonic, she could drag him out and trap the ghost in. Only one spirit could leave at a time as Tikal had told her.

It was a start towards how she would free Sonic. But at the moment, she only wanted to talk to him, and only the real him.

So they started meditating. There was a lot of shifting from Sonic, and sighing, but he wasn't making commentary and she considered it a win.

She slipped out of her body for a moment, turning to Tikal. "Can I just grab him?" she asked. "How do I get him out?"

"The second you start trying to draw him out, the ghost will attack again," the echidna warned. (Y/n) frowned in thought. If the ghost came out, Sonic would be stuck in his body until the ghost was back in.

"I think I have an idea," she said after a moment. "The ghost is going to come out, yes. But that means Sonic will momentarily be open and vulnerable. Tikal, I'm going to need you to hold the ghost back while I try and draw Sonic out of his body. When I say I'm ready, kick the ghost back in."

"Alright," Tikal said. Neither looked or felt entirely certain, but it was worth a shot.

So (Y/n) bent down in front of Sonic, the frozen hedgehog's eyes opening. The ghost could sense her spirit.

"That's right," she muttered. "Come and get me." She reached out, would have put her hand on his shoulder had the same gray-blue Mobian from before not sprang at her, knocking her backwards and pinning her to the floor. (Y/n) gasped at the cold that spread through her just before Tikal forced the haunted spirit off her, backing it into a corner and holding it there. It shrieked, trying to get past her, but the light that the echidna was giving off seemed to somewhat paralyze it after a moment.

(Y/n) jumped to her feet, running over to Sonic. The blue hedgehog was writhing on the floor and his screams seemed rather close. Things in the secondary realm from the primary one usually seemed muffled.

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