Chapter One

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Tasha's Pov
Sitting up a little better, the rings on my fingers jiggled a little in place but I found my eyes looking up to stare at the woman sitting across from me.

Her eyes, her demeanor everything about her was dominance and order. But I had seen so many of her kind before. I cleared my throat watching her study me, giving me a stare down which I slowly returned.

"So Tasha- have we come to an agreement then, the marriage is mainly for babies, Illumi is one of my oldest, and he needs to settle down." I stared at Kikyo a little bit taking a deep breath in.

"With all due respect Mrs. Zoldyck the offer is very tempting, but shouldn't your son have a say in this as well? I would understand if it was suppose to be a young arrange marriage, but we both are in our twenties." I spoke calmly.

She opened her mouth to speak or hopefully maybe explain but then a voice startling so spoke hearing a door shut.

"I apologize for being late, I was attending some manners, and it wasn't her who suggested it, it was me." I stared at the male a little taken back by his tall form.

He had pitch black hair the cascade down his back and shoulders, and for the most part he was oddly attractive with his pale skin, and large eyes. But he held no emotions at all. No expression either.

"You did?" I was a little taken back but watched him sit down next to me with a heavy sigh.

"Correct I'm Illumi Zoldyck I'm the oldest, I heard about your clan in another country,you call yourself gypsies, I've heard others calling you gypsies witches or those who travel, so I assume you can do magic is that correct?" I casually nodded my head a bit.  Illumi?

That's a pretty strange but unique name I thought. "Yes that's what they call us." I finally answered leaning back I felt suddenly selfconscious  for some odd reason when he entered placing my arm to rest over my exposed stomach from the crop top.

"Well then goody, so mother you asked me to pick my own bride I have, I asked the gypsy clan to send one of their most known gypsies. Here she is. " I let a small laugh out a little. There's no way they said I was the best there's a few girls you would pick before me.

"The best you say?" I questioned, but Kikyo was then speaking over both of us making us look away from one another.

"She's perfect! Even better for raising children what's your name dear?" The woman then questioned leaning in all close to across the table. I found myself exhaling shyly but spoke confidently.

"It's Tasha ma'am." She smiled a little staring at Illumi who was leaning on his hand a bit.

"Then it's settled Tasha shall be staying with us at the estate. Make sure Carney shows her to her room, will discuss weddings and all that after you two get adjusted." Kiyko then stood up patting at my shoulders a bit before I felt her grip at my shoulder deeply.

"Welcome to the family my dear, don't screw up or you might end up dead." She told me followed by a small giggle she left me and Illumi leaving me shocked I spun around to face Illumi when he sat up straight.

"She's not lying, each one of my younger siblings are elite assassins, including me, and my dad." My mouth dropped open just a little wondering what exactly my clan was getting me the hell into. More or so they would be a little happy to get rid of my clumsy self.

"I'll show you your room, come on." He muttered. Holding his hand out, I accepted it being helped up my hand stayed in his large warm one.

I watched his abnormally large eyes scan across my figure, like he was looking me up and down.

"Such revealing clothes, but they suit you well, say can you dance?" He asked me so innocent like tilting his head. I held back a small snort but shifted a little.

"Like belly dancing, and hip?" I asked him again. He looked genuinely confused, so I just started laughing before moving my hips side to side a little making my skirt jiggle.

"Its like this but I think I'll save that for the wedding night." I chuckled at my own little joke shaking my head. He reminded me of like a puppy.

"So enchanting." He muttered holding my hand he then lead me out of the room a little.

"Seems I've made the right choice looking your clan up on the web."

"Our clan is on the web!? That's so cool!"

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