50. Unannounced visiter

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Third person's POV

Amy woke up to the  shining sun peeking in her room ....

She groaned and woke up, she walk towards balcony while rubbing her eyes like a toddler.

Meanwhile , sam was doing hid workout, he was furious would be an understatement ... He punched his punching bag , thinking he is that blake ....

After some time she took a relaxing bath , she changed into some relaxing clothes. Till then sam came back in the room dripping with sweat .

He saw her singing while she was holding her hairdryer as a mike , she was not really singing , just moving her lips .

He stopped in the doorway and watched her antics with a smike on his lips and amusement in his eyes.


Both of them , had their breakfast together.
Wherr Amy was super happy  because now there problems were solved , they are really giving a chance to themselves , and also he is very supportive , he is helping her in her dream .
There was no limit to happiness .
On the other hand , Sam smiled her her happy face but was still mad at that Blake guy !... He wanted to kill that blake ....but he also doesn't know who he is .

They just finished their breakfast , when the maindoor rang screaming someone's unannounced entry .

They looked at one another , if asking for the answer but didn't get any ....so both of them walked to door...and they found that unannounced visiter was none other than their mother.

Yes ! Grace Knight stands infront of them with a wide grin on her face.

And then she jump on them both.
"Aww ! My babies .....I missed you too so so much "

Both of them recovered from their shock sooner thsn expected and returned the greeting ....they walk inside and then same asked her mom

" Mom , what arr you doing here ?? " but He sounds desperate and annoyed.

Her mom fake hurts " what do you mean ? ....can't I come to see my kids !!....I missed you and here you treat me like this ?? "

Amy recovered for Sam quickly
" No mumma ! Its not like that , he is just asking how came you here ....I mean you didn't even informed ....we could have came to see you " whr glaring at Sam for being rude.

He was still annoyed at that Blake and her mother's unannounced visit just add fuel in that fire.

Just great !!
Now , he can't even have his time with her wife , they need to disturb them now !

Why mom ? Why ??

" Mom , you met just yesterday .... remember jenna's birthday party " he mocked.

" So what ? You wanna kick me out ?? " her mom questioned  him

Amy answered " he won't dare ! ....besides i won't let him , and even if he tries, I will kick him myself ...so mumma just chill !! " While grace and Amy laughed he just look at both  of them shocked.

They talked for sometime and then suddenly grace says to greta " greta  please clean that guest room for me !! " Sam snapped his eyes to her mom
" You are staying ?? "

" Yea ! "

" But dad" she cut him off
" Your dad has gone to attend some important business event ...
So "

" So he leave you herr alone?? " He questioned getting angry . Hoe could his dad leave her mom alone

" No ! He wanted me to accompany him , but you know I would get bored ...so i stayed and here i am !!.... he'll be back in two days so till than I will live withy kids ! "

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